Hey y'all!

WOW. First off I want to take this chance to apologize to all my RB friends and Family, as most of you know my life over the past year or so has been flipped turned and sent upside down and with all of the emotions of trying to pick up the pieces I have lost focus on RB and my (hate to admit it) photography. Its hard to find that passion when there is not much to be passionate about! I am trying really hard to get back but it seems it has been so long that it may just be impossible! I have done some shooting but struggle with the outcome each time. I know I can do better but just not sure I have it in me any more! To make matters worse I have been without internet for months, so the reisurance I get from all of you I have been unable to get. I miss all of you so very much and know that I think of you each and every day and I try to get online as often as possible to check in on your works! Hopefully one day I will be full speed again! For those of you who have stuck by me in these shitty times, Thank you, it means more to me than you could ever know!

Last but definatly not least. I was amazed and shocked to see that my “Green with Envy” had not one but two home page features! Holy shit I say……What a freakin honor! Thank you so so so so much the RB staff to choose that image twice! Its one of my favorite pieces and one I am for sure most proud of!

Thats all for now! If you took the time to listen to blab……THANKS! Hope you say hi!

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