Favourited Photos

Recently my photo entitled Blue Screens” was featured in the group Object Studies & Concepts and today “Building Front” was featured in the group Metallic Junktion as I am a beginner photographer I really appreciate the featuring and am enjoying the freedom to learn on RB.

Step-by-step to drawing a complicated shape

If you want to learn to draw/paint a complicated shape freehand start off by tracing it (eg from colouring-in book) and adding to it (eg lacey or larger edges).

Then scan some of your results and use the paint program to skew it to a different angle then trace it again.

When you are more confident try freehand copying the shape smaller than the original. This lets you concentrate on the main shape without being distracted by details. If it is a shape that mirrors you can draw one side and scan it then duplicate the image and flip one half to make the other.

After a bit of practice you will find that it is easier to draw the shape totally freehand
I have found this idea helpful. Hope others do too.

What a Bubbler of a Day!

It always amazes me to have my work featured but today two very different pics were featured in two different groups.
I am so overwhelmed, grateful and humbled. Many thanks to the groups and their hosts.
Hopefully this will be the start of a great week.

Yours in Art,

Afternoon of Art Shows

I have just been watching some art based shows.
One show was on the art of Dan Horgan.
Dan is a Californian artist, he is environmental artist, who has spent 30 years creating art in the wilderness where he organises found objects, often stone.
Many of his works are created in the wilderness or on the beach and just left there to be reclaimed or not by nature.
This doco is the story of his first in gallery creation. It is an exploration of the process of the creation as well as an exploration of the life that got him to the place where he was ready to create art in a very inhabited space without the assistance and inspiration of the of the natural landscape.
Sometimes he organises people or carves sand into temporary artworks which only exist for the time they are phot…

Fun getting featured

I have had a great weekend with my youngest daughter home for the weekend and being able to spend time with both girls, their partners and my Hubby.
It was topped off by having my 10th work featured. There was a time when I never would have believed it could happen. It is great how positive RB is,

Gold Heart Featured Twice

I am rapt that this drawing has been so liked by RBers that it has been featured twice in different groups(Live, Love Dream and Stillness Speaks.
Thanks to RBers for all the encouragement that I have received.

Drawing Featured

It was great to have some of my photos picked to be featured but it is extra, extra special to have one of my drawings picked by the All Things Poetic, Prose, Philosophical. group.
It has made my day.
So on that happy note I will say goodnight and hope my computer doesn’t update itself to my annoyance for a third time (ie stop me from commenting).
Goodnight to all RBers

I can reply again today

Hip Hip Hooray I can reply again today. My clever hubby fixed the computer tonight. He is soooo clever!
Thanks for looking and taking the time to comment even when it appeared I wasn’t replying.

I can fully participate in RB again

Wet Weekend but great team spirit

Hi all. Back from my weekend away dragonboating. Lousy weather did not dampen our willingness to try. Got two third placings and into the final but were glad to bow out then as the conditions were deteriorating. Had a great catch up with many other Dragonboat paddlers as well as Dragonsabreast members.
Team spirit was alive and well in Port Macquarie this long weekend.
Great way for women to prove cancer can’t beat them.
Now back to bubbling (nice and warm & dry).

Long Weekend starting well

Hi all,
I am very excited about having my work featured in the •
Stillness Speaks overview page
and about heading off tomorrow to go north to Port Macquarie to compete in the dragonboat races with a great group of women many of whom have had breast cancer.
Hoping to have many opportunities to use my camera and sketch books.
Will look forward to coming back and seeing all the new work that has been loaded over the weekend.

Cheerio till Monday.

Yours in art KazM

Two more new tricks

It feels like I am back in school learning all these new things.
Today for the first time I loaded a competition entry into a forum and created a black frame.
I know all those technically literate people think so what but I am somewhat challenged in this area so just attempting them my heart is in my throat.
Pre breast cancer I would not have had the confidence to try, this is how far I have come in four short years.
Also today another red bubbler gave me assistance and I was able to help a different RBer. What a great place RB is!

Oh what fun to learn new tricks

I have just learnt how to display my work as a card. Gives me great ssatisfaction. Next I hope to master the black border, when I find the notes for it.
Thanks to all the clever people who help tech blind people like me find solutions. Ta


As a newbie I am enjoying so much of the art on this site and trying to sort out good places for my various styles. I can’t tell you how inspired and awed I am

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait