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Lambton, Australia

I am life time doodler, who has decided that it is time to see who else likes my art. / I have had a go at writing, drawing, painting,...

Central Aussie Trip Blog pt1

We started our trip in a lather of worry. What would we need? What would we put where? Would we take enough, would we have enough room, would we cope?Would the car be okay, would the trailer be okay…
No end of questions, very few answers!

Eventually we headed off. Farewells at our daughter’s place then on to Dubbo. Late start, trouble reversing but as we were staying in a relo’s yard rather a soft start to the trip. After long farewells we hit the road again, headed for our first free overnight camp at Cassillis. near road and a bit noisy but not too bad.

Travelled on to Broken Hill and stayed at Penrose Park. On the way in I managed to get over half an hour at Pro Hart’s Gallery and another day we went to Jack Absolom’s Gallery. More detailed reports at a later date.
The settlement near Penrose Park is an old one called Silverton. It had some nice galleries and craft shops as well as many ruins. Had lunch in a nice cafe. (poem about Silverton also coming later). The second night we made the mistake of leaving the kitchen unit out. That was an open invitation to mousey visitors. What a terrible night. Decided not to move on that day but to mouseproof our food supplies better. So we went into Broken Hill and brought lots of hard plastic containers (poem about this also coming).

Got up early the next day refreshed after a better nights sleep. Headed out for the Flinder’s Ranges where we are now enjoying Rawnsley Park Station before going to Maree tomorrow for the much awaited helicopter flight over Lake Eyre.

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