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My first ABC OPEN 500 word submission

The smell wafted up from downstairs…

My earliest memory is the smell of smoked cod fish cooking the day my brother returned from his stay in Queensland. It woke me from my afternoon rest and when I sat up I saw is cheeky grin smiling at the end of my bed. He was a bundle of noisy energy that would have disrupted my rest and recuperation after a long illness. I had missed him but I had got better more quickly because my uncle had taken him to my grandparents for a few weeks.
I do not remember eating the fish, just the smell and his smiling face!

Margaret Olley nearly 2 years gone

I happened to be looking through programs stored in my hard drive and came across the documentary A Life in Paint which showed me that it will next month be 2 years since Margaret Olley died. Such a lovely lady, awesome, authentic Australian artist,canny collector (of colours, objects, houses & memories), fabulous finder of flora, marvellous mentor & gypsy who was a generous gifter. Never got to meet her (totally envy Ben Quilty) but know she shared my love of Newcastle as only an interloper could. She is still my inspiration. Who is yours?

See ya all next week

I am off for a week. Family responsibilities mean I will be unable to log on till Tuesday next week. Look forward to catching up with all the new stuff when I return. See you then. Kaz