As a life time doodler, who has decided that now my daughters have gone off to make their own lives, that it is time to see if anyone else likes my art. Here’s hoping!

It is only since 2004 that I have worked on my art seriously (except for doing Graphics at uni of Newcastle NSW – Uni of Newcastle, NSW: as mature aged student – I seem to do everything late).
More recently I have started dabbling with photography.
Before that I did some writing (articles, reviews & books).
Currently I am the publicity Officer for Newcastle/Hunter Dragons Abreast – A group of women who have had breast cancer or support those that have by paddling in a dragonboat for fun & fitness.

Late bloomers of the world unite!

Hope to get to know many red bubblers (especially other Aussies).

Why KazM? Kaz became a nickname as there were too many Kaye’s in our group and M for my surname initial and as I often feel that I am a hole that art fills, then if you say it as “Chasm” it fits me too!

Also I hope people respect my copyright and find RB the positive experience that I have so far.
Already I have gained from the experience of other bubblers. Thanks KazM

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My first ABC OPEN 500 word submission

The smell wafted up from downstairs… / My earliest memory is the smell of smoked cod fish cooking the day my brother returned from his stay in Queensland. It woke me from my afternoon rest and when I sat up I saw is cheeky grin smiling at the end of my bed. He was a bundle of noisy energy that would have disrupted my rest and recuperation after a long illness. I had missed him but I had go…
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Australian National Red Balloon Day

“redballoon day to honour Australia’s Firefighters ":
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Awesome Aussie Artist

Prestigious Papercutter / Magical Modeler / Brilliant Benja / Woke up early and caught BENJA HARNEY & ELICIA O’REILLY / (Published 4 November 2013) discussing Tokyo and Benja’s brilliant paperworks / “check out ": / or type “Benja Harney” “paper engineer” into a search engine –…
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Great Graphic

“Important Image, / So Terrifically Thoughtprovoking” / :
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