Artist by heart, graphic designer by trade, illustrator on the verge. I have always been an artist. I can’t imagine being anything else… live it, love it.

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The Journey Part 1

Recently I had this idea for a painting involving one huge canvas, masses of colour, lots of left over paint and one large brush. / The idea… / Starting in one corner, I want to paint my journey over the next year, as I feel it, as it happens, using masses of colour. I’ve dedicated this coming year to refocusing on art, in fact, my goal is to get Kazart up and running again by end of …
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Who is Phoebe?

Phoebe is an expression of what is on my mind and how I feel. In fact, she is a simple, exaggerated charicature of me inside and out?! / Why is she naked? If you go back to the first original Phoebe illo, Scary, she is finally brave enough to put her art out there for all the world to see (ie. blog) and this is a very scary and personal thing for any artist to do. In fact, it is like exposing you…
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