I live in Tumut which is in a beautiful river valley in Southern New South Wales. Since 2003 I have been travelling to Tasmania once or twice a year. I am really intrigued by the unusual plant life, very different from that in mainland Australia.
Cradle Mountain and Arthur River are my favourite places to visit. They both seem relatively untouched by development and although Arthur River is on the West coast and Cradle Mountain is in the central highlands of Tasmania, both places are similar in their natural diversity and are extremely appealing.
I like to take pictures of the tiny flowers, ferns, mosses and lichens that abound in these areas of very high rainfall as well as the beautiful orange lichen covered rocks at Arthur River.
I have an ongoing love affair with Tassie which won’t be ending in the foreseeable future. Tasmanians are certainly very fortunate people.
Thanks for looking at my pictures…..I really appreciate your comments and input.

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