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Orlando, United States

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Just another nerdy with a sketchpad and some mechanical pencils <3

I grew up on the best things ever, and that explains everything about me. Studio Ghibli, Tim Burton, Wallace and Grommit, old school anime, and Disney. Every year, my family and friends recommend more awesome things for me to become obsessed with. This year has gained Dr Who, Firefly, and Dr Horrible.

I’ve got art in my veins and think of myself as an artist of all trades: I dabble in clothing design, interior design, handmade cards, sketches, fanart, painting, and the like. My favorite works are always fanart, because they take something I am passionate about and add my own emotions to make something beautiful and sentimental.

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Firefly-Disney Crossover?

Hey guys! I don’t know how many people actually read what I put out here, but I wanted to toss around a few ideas and see if I could get any input :) I’m planning on doing a crossover, with Disney characters as the cast of Firefly!! I’m probably going to do two different versions, one with all girls, and one with a proper male and female cast. However, I’m not that confide…
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Magical Moments

So tomorrow I start my first on the job training day at my brand new DISNEY WORLD job ____ I’ve been here for a year (next week!), working on Disney property at various Operating Participants (people like Rainforest Cafe, Starbucks, Little Miss Mismatch, who are on Disney property but not owned/operated by the Mouse), and while I’ve enjoyed being HERE, I haven’t really enjoyed w…
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A great big THANK YOU <3

For everyone who looks at my work, and those who have favorited my works, and especially for those who have made purchases and started following me- THANK YOU VERY MUCH _______ It is unbelievable to me that so many people like my work! I really enjoy making pretty things, and sharing my love for nerdy things with others. I will continue to make lovely things for you all and my own entertainment,…
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