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Year Of Firsts

Due to some encouragement through people I’ve met on here (which I am now lucky enough to call mates) and my family and friends, this year saw me enter a few competitions (something I’ve never had the confidence in doing before).

The latest being the International Loupe Awards. I didn’t tell anyone I was entering (apart from Mum) as I wasn’t that confident going in, but last week got the results and out of the 8 images I entered 5 got awards (I’m pretty stocked with that as I wasn’t expecting anything).

Like other peoples stories I’ve read about the judging my scores varied in each image (one in particular ranged from 87 from one judge to 60 from another judge, it’s all down to personal choice I guess) but I’m not complaining at all..

Thank you for the sale

To the absolutely wonderful person who bought a large mounted print of my Up, Up and Away image, I can not thank you enough..

It is very humbling to have someone spend their hard earned money on something of yours. It also gave me a chance to practice my happy dance (something that is still undocumented to this day and shall remain so haha)

Thank you again

Sharon :o)

Happy Dance x 2

Thank you to the wonderful person / people who have parted with their hard earned dollars and bought a few cards of mine this morning.
So glad I was in the office by myself at the time that the email came through as there was a happy dance going on (yep again undocumented) :o)

The first card was bought earlier this morning.
A Night By The Harbour

Then received the email that someone has bought 10 cards of my personal fave image about an hour ago.
If you go down to the woods today

So again thank you so much for purchasing these items, I don’t sell a lot on here, but when I do it brings a huge smile to my face.


Thank you to the wonderful person who bought a card of my Sunset Strahan Style in the wee hours of this morning (my time). It was great to wake up to that awesome news.

Thank you also goes to the equally wonderful Michael Matthews for buying a card of Vivid Dream a few months back.

I don’t sell a lot on here, but when and if I do it makes my day, so thank you :o)


Thank you thank you thank you to the wonderful person who bought an extra large canvas print of my North Curl Curl panorama, you don’t know how happy you have made me this morning (so much so I’ve been doing my happy dance in the office with the boss watching on and laughing).

This was my first ever attempt at a panoramic shot, so this one is quite special to me…

Thank you again :o)

Sale (wahooooo)

Thank you to the wonderful person who bought a large photographic print of my Calm After The Storm image, you made me start my day off by doing my happy dance around the house, so it’s lucky that I live by myself…
Very happy chicky here :o)