Hi! Thanks for looking at my work! My name is Katie I have been photographing for 8 years. I learned on my father’s pentex ME Super. I miss messing around in the darkroom but I am learning how to use the “digital darkroom:” and find it
very fun to explore around without the smell of chemicals :) I have a very rare disease called moyamoya. This past spring I had 4 small strokes and this past summer I underwent pioneering brain surgery. I am currently working very
hard regaining some of function that was lost in the strokes and my surgery. I am also spending a lot of time photographing the world around me. Fortunetly my
photography was not taken away from me during this expeirnce, if fact I believe it has played a large part of helping me to heal. I will be using any income made from the selling of my prints to pay medical bills.
Thanks! Katie.

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