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Another morning of justice and crime

Subconscious processes swarm and switch / While all of humanity I spell to bewitch

How many sides do you think a galaxy has?

And indeed they do make love – violence and greed!

For she lives inside my little head

It is not as if the world were dead / For it lives inside my little head

Justice is always right

Oh embrace me my darkness, Erebos my love / Guide me through this burning light / Give me your Kaos and Discord / Your Thanatosian delight …

i sense horror

it’s more than seeing dead people

1001 – Jacob Simkin Is In Afghanistan

You know the Russians during the Afghan war made landmines out of toys to dismember children as a way to affect their parents from fighting.

like the longest wildest hair

there is a mass of energy in my hands / curling around my fingers in strands / like the longest, wildest hair / i move with the moon’…

I’m Your Venus – Redux

Then I saw a vision of the two of them bargaining and negotiating over a set of craps dice that came up snake eyes. This was too heavy; th…

untitled part two

Slamming it shut the young student marveled at the dust that rose to air from the faded red dyed edged pages. The black fabric of the cove…

untitled part one

Selena opened her small wooden cupboard door just enough. She thought it was morning, and the sliver of burning sunshine that slapped her …

due for a pandemic

Talk to the hand!

Let the woman have her foot

Trapped inside these walls / Again… / She stares at that space / Sit still my girl and they won’t sense your mind / Her heart is pounding w…

I’m Your Venus….

They took me into a cell with a single mattress on the floor and a slit in the door to see through. Then they stabbed me in the bottom with…

As I laugh I also pray

Let it issue forth that today Hell froze

two options by which I see

will what I choose condemn just me?


I want to fly / higher than the sky / floating in space / ~ 2005


a ray filtered through my muddy pool / spawns the emotions of a ghoul / I find a marble fist my tool / and I struggle to live by the rules



love me with your ice

my eyes see



I mean…

it’s a rotation not predicted / yet always longed for


jingle jangle

sililoquy at imaginary him

So do not patronise me with your / cellophane stories and untruths


venture into sleep

poem 66

kiss me not I feel like dying

off with her head

surely the men would fall in around them… / given their obvious weaknesses.

diurnal moon

impromptu pain

condescending attraction

condescending attraction

I am a flower

I am a flower / Growing in the sun / Warming my petals / In front of everyone

The Future is My Eyes and Ears

The Future is My Eyes and Ears

What prison are you from?

I followed a path of rubies / And bathed within a light


I can’t find the words to say / Today I’m stuck at yesterday / Holding time in an hourglass


When there is another melee / The tide can turn from white to grey / I watch my spirit start to decay / Good to bad to good they sway

carry me forward

carry me forward


And when I’m thinking of you



spring and responsibility

The sun is beating like a drum / Yet floating on a breeze


her eyes changed from earth to sea


The pungent surface hides the goodness of the water beneath.

[from] void

Ancient times stab me from behind / As they would to my back / And what is it I have to find? / Ludicrous, absent / Yet soft.

out – six word story

I awoke, light out – forever gone.

Obsession I

The spirit of the mind is free, / let it roam at will. / There are no limits to understanding. / No limits to desire. / I will not stop unt…

Obsession II

Come to me it’s your destiny / Throw your fears away. / Show your heart from the depths of hell. / Pierce my breast and take my life – / so…

Song of the vampyre

vampiric poetry

Love of a vixen

vampiric poetry


When there is time to follow my heart / I find it is hard to find

black night

If I could, I’d take your hand / and fly into the black night. / I have to believe that we will take a stand.

melencholy day

My garden full of colour

Too hard now to take flight

Too many ideas / Which path to take

persephone of enna – part two

Had I been as mature as I should have been at that age, the argument that ensued briefly thereafter might not have been so fierce and painf…

persephone of enna – part one

The wind was stinging my face as we sped through the Universe. Newly awoken from a previous existence, I felt her arms close tightly aroun…

pantomime for ghosts

Whose pain is that I feel? / A vision of death and decay / Monsters who know me / But cannot explain / Why they have to haunt me / Goodness…

lamb of gold

Mary had a little lamb / Her fleece was sunlight gold / And even when the rain came down / She didn’t feel the cold / When the air wa…

death of my lover

Sleep now my love in peace tonight / Do not fear me. / My fangs harm you no longer. / I fed from you but now I’m full. / Your sweet beauty …


The blue smoke calls / It whispers to me / I lean closer / So I can feel it’s breath in my sweaty ear. / I want those beautiful tongues to …

blue people

Blue people of the air / Spin white fire in the sky. / Until the wind takes hold. / Fanning light across the sky / like wild hair.

Obsession III

The passion of a prolonged kiss / is never equaled, / because my being says not. / My heart beats faster / at the thought of chocolate pyra…

The smell of lime

Blood red skies / Yesterday, today / See the truth through lies / Watch the devil at play / Moving faster than time / Forward here and back…


What do you see / When you close your eyes? / Do you see a force field in disguise? / Don’t you know that Human Nature lies? / What do you …

Feeling what?

‘Obscene’ could be the word / Sometimes I close my eyes / I wish myself a better world / With nothing I despise / ‘Clouded’ could be my min…


Carry forth a different sky / Gaze at a beautiful moon / Now I cease to defy / The splendorous monsoon / Whether pink, grey, white or blue …


Time after time / A place too fast to see / A confusion of heat, light and mind / A place we long to be / That epiphany or door / That drea…

The long gone

I was singing in the shower / As I tend to do / And was wondering if I had the power / To change the world I knew / To see it from perspect…


The blue smoke curls in my mind / Whispering it’s secret / Clouded, I shall never find / The memories I forget / So I sit in here alone / I…

Alone I sit

Could anyone be more / Content than I? / I sit alone. / Void of restlessness / Welcome thy goodwill. The / Will of my mind and my / Invigo…

Before the tempest hits

I am the calm before the storm / Touch me now, I’m safe and warm / Everything is find and still / Now, my friend it’s all up hill / The thu…

The aroma of poplars

Avoid or void? / Avoided or voided? / No colour, yet here they present to me! / A chorus of emotion / Ancient times stab me from behind / …