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Primarily a digital artist and designer, I enjoy creating posters and prints from a eclectic variety of inspirations ranging from the sweet and serene to the devilish and disturbing. I like to look for an awkward perspective to present my ideas.

I aspire to inspire a positive force for social conscience and responsibility through creating a vision of awareness, spiritually and conceptually.

For the most part, my career has consisted of many creative roles including events management, media and publicity, community arts, advertising, marketing and graphic design. These roles span areas such as government, film and television, performance, education, printing, publishing and web. I freelance in anything that comes my way of fancy and am an advocate for participation in my community.

“To seek and create social change on every level of society, from the most personal to the most political.”

To ASPIRE TO INSPIRE a positive artistic force for social change by utilising creative skills to present a message.

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like the longest, wildest hair

there is a mass of energy in my hands / curling around my fingers in strands / like the longest, wildest hair / i move with the moons tidal song / but avoiding those Sirens all forlorn / under further duress / if justice can’t be done this instant / for the love of a child and the death of an infant / lights burn and bore the eye / all i can do is cry.
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Ghost of Christmas Future

One for every possible future outcome based on our decisions and destiny points… / No wonder we’re all confused!!! / When present is current / And past is burnt out / Future burns bright / But the ghost must SHOUT… / When the past is charred / And current is in time / The future has passed / Like a begging street mime / The future is current / And the past is here / Now my prese…
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Ghost of Christmas Present

Reminds you what you are supposed to be doing…
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Ghost of Christmas Past

reminds you where you’ve been
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