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Primarily a digital artist and designer, I enjoy creating posters and prints from a eclectic variety of inspirations ranging from the sweet and serene to the devilish and disturbing. I like to look for an awkward perspective to present my ideas.

I aspire to inspire a positive force for social conscience and responsibility through creating a vision of awareness, spiritually and conceptually.

For the most part, my career has consisted of many creative roles including events management, media and publicity, community arts, advertising, marketing and graphic design. These roles span areas such as government, film and television, performance, education, printing, publishing and web. I freelance in anything that comes my way of fancy and am an advocate for participation in my community.

“To seek and create social change on every level of society, from the most personal to the most political.”

To ASPIRE TO INSPIRE a positive artistic force for social change by utilising creative skills to present a message.

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Feel the Sun In My Sign… Music vid for Kaoskyane and Apollo / Made using only 11 still photographs / See You Dee Doo Dee Do… Music vid for Kaoskyane and Apollo / Selection of a lot of my portraiture which btw, fits the theme of the song beautifully… / Taming the Monster… Parody Activism – all original artworks…. / A collection of amazing artworks from the membe…
Posted about 5 years – 2 comments

soooo... i've started messing with music... as well...

and the result is at the mercy of the judges of time… / The Celebration Of Delphi Eleusis / Kaoskyane (featuring the Lyre of Apollo) / if you like cool… if you hate… cool… but would love (desperately love) some feedback … critical analysis even :-) / While you are there you might like to listen to some of the other compositions offered for your pleasure from other me…
Posted over 5 years – 11 comments

death of a soldier

war is just as bad for a mother now as it was then… / family research brings the saddest tales… / rip… ancestor of mine!
Posted over 5 years – 8 comments

Where are women globally as the first decade of the millenium declines?

As part of the Megaherzzz radio program on 4zzz fm in Brisbane and the greater Brisbane regions, I had the opportunity to provide content and announce on things that are quite confronting … I was asked to look at “Where women are heading towards the end of this decade …” / What I did, was compile a simple cross-section of some of the struggles and steady progress that some…
Posted almost 6 years – 7 comments

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