Impressionist Painting from Impressionist Photography

I recently found this gorgeous piece of rust and metal on a trailer parked near my home. The instant I saw it, I knew I would paint it. I’ve been saving a large canvas 5′ × 2′ for something special. This is it! Just started my interpretation yesterday with the grey background. Very excited to have started on this.

Want RB to help more with marketing....please vote!

Redbubble should introduce a “Marketing Panel” for artists to pro-actively market their work.

As all artists on redbubble would be aware there has been an active push to market various types of art. As artists if we want to get noticed yes we have to do some marketing.

No we’re not all marketing gurus, or marketing analyist’s etc. but if you want sales you need to market your work. There are many different ways of doing this but not all of us have the time to do the research to effectively market our work.

So I suggest Redbubble tech support develop a marketing panel to sit in with the rest of the tools available. The panel should contain marketing tools and links to advice to save time for artists who want to take that next step with their work.

What are your thou…

My new YOUTUBE Video of Designer Skirts

Woohoo…..finally finished putting together a video for my Youtube Channel with a selection of my Urban Grunge Designer skirts on display with some pretty groovy music. Its been a project on my list for quite a while now. It takes a while to put together, so please check it out! Soooooooo…..excited!!!!!

I also thought other RedBubblers might be interested in contracting me to put a video of their own work together in a video also. You choose what you want on it and also you can choose some free music from youtube to play along if you like. The total size of this file is 2.63 MB (18 images) so not large at all. I can also design the cover and final pages of the video too. Send me a Bubblemail and we can chat!! NB: You’ll need to open a YT account if you want to di…


Whew, just finished putting this together will all the products from one design on the same page. Great for sharing on various websites. I guess I’ll have some printed also to hand out locally. Will have to add my contact details of course. Also Share on FB!!!

How to do? Take Screenshots from your Redbubble pages, save in a folder then put together in Photoshop or GIMP. Save image with layers, so the text will stay the same then you can reuse it for products for other images. Gosh I sure love the pencil skirts!!!

Rock Pool with Fish Product Designs by Kathie Nichols


I’ve recently started a new style of challenge for one of my groups Abstract Macro Urban Art Group (Man-made macro urban grunge) For me the old style challenges weren’t really a challenge, were they? Just a couple of clicks to enter an image of something in your portfolio that would suit the challenge, and that was that!

For me, a challenge is giving it a go, an extra effort, pushing yourself out of your comfort zones to create something even better than you have done before. Improving on your personal best!

The first challenge I put together was CRACKS IN CEMENT For those who may find this is a little simple, let me explain. The challenge was to find cracks in cement that may give an impression of something other than what it is. So composing your camera so that the…

Sales are great!

Thanks to the lovely people who’ve purchased some of my work: Very much appreciated! Cherry Blossoms, iphone covers, cards, prints and mugs and some very organic prints on cushions from a palm tree!!



I’d like to share some tips on how I find and shoot some of my macro photos that have that grungy urban look, but also representing something artistic and creative.
The best way to find something interesting to shoot, is to go for a walk around your neighbourhood. When I take our dog for a walk my eyes are always scanning the surrounding area for something interesting. The kerbs and gutters always have something interesting to see.

Below are some examples of my macro photos found in the street gutters and paths.

I look for stains, marks, lines, textures and colours that might have something hidden from the naked eye. Even at a first glance the area I notice isn’t anything special to look at from a distance. It’s when you take a closer look, that you see the potential of the grunge…

Cherry Blossoms IPHONE covers.....SALES!!

OMG….I’m so excited….already another 2 sales of my Cherry Blossom Watercolor for Iphone covers this month…..they are really taking off. I have one for my own phone too and every time I take it out of my bag….I kinda flash it around….lol!

Remember, if you want to promote your work, use the products with your art on it. Show it off whenever you use it, coffee cups make great practical gifts. Decorate your home with the cushions and have a few bags with your art on them, colour co-ordinate and take them everywhere you go. I haven’’t use my standard handbag in ages, I always use one of my tote bags (carry) to take out!!!


I’m so excited (whats’s new) my beautiful products have arrived over the last week and I can’t wait to show them off. FIrst my Samsung phone cover arrived, then the coffee mugs, the travel mug and then the bags. I placed the order on the Sunday and all were delivered with 11 days. Great Service RB….well done!!!!! I’m now enlisting my daughters to help promote my work, and the obvious design was my Cherry Blossoms Watercolour Painting, its my best seller so why not start with that! So after choosing their own bag with my art Tranquility at Sunset and Fairy Dust ……and loving them……..they’ll now both have another tote bag, with cherry blossoms and a coffee mug with cherry blossoms. Here are some pics…….