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Golden Valley, United States

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Available for event photography, will travel!!!

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Recent Event Photography:
Upcoming Event: Sundance Film Festival 2014
Aviv 613 Vodka Launch Party: Aria, Mpls. 2013
Starkey Gala & Fundraiser “So the World May Hear” Gala &Awards, 2013
Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship, 2013
America’s Beauty Show, Chicago, Ill. 2013 & 2012
47th Annual Buffalo Roundup, Custer State Park, SD 2012
T-Mobile and Urban Ventures Charity Event-2011
The Minnesota Visit, the Dalai Lama-2011
The Minnesota Star Ball-2011, 2012
The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary-2011
Red Bull Crashed Ice Int’l Competition, 2012
The Museum of Natural Science and History: Human Evolution Exhibit 2009-present Salzburg, Austria, Native American Veteran Portraits
Karen and Travis-the Costa Rican Wedding
The 11th Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers-Lame Deer, Montana 2012


Published: Cover & Story photography, Cleaner Magazine 11/2013
Published, the UK Guardian 5/2013
Published: Modern Salon 4/2013
Published: Zapaday 2013
Published 2011 by the University of Minnesota
Spiritual Health and Wellness commemorative book.

“Thundering Power” has been chosen to be published in a photography book, “The World Today”.

Museum Exhibit
I received a message from redbubble along with a forwarded inquiry from the Haus Der Natur, “Museum of Natural Science” in Austria.

They have requested to use one of my photos displayed on redbubble, and another one from my private inventory, in an exhibit that will run 2-3 years. These photos feature Lakota Veterans.

I am so honored because this fits my mission to create awareness for the First People of the Americas.

*a HUGE Thank You to redbubble; this is such an honor to the wonderful, Native American people that allow me a glimpse of their spirit with my camera.
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August 2, 2012
A most profound experience attending the 11th Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Traveling to Montana, there was still devastation of such magnitude from the forest fires from Ashland, MT to Lame Deer, MT, that it was both shocking and miraculous. Kudos to the firefighters for saving so many homes that were surrounded by fire from all sides. I am on a mission to discover how they managed to stay alive in temperatures of 100+ wearing their firefighter gear and not having any air. Amazing work, people!

February 4, 2010

Crisis on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation and Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. State of Emergency. Huge ice storms and blizzards have knocked out electricity and water for nearly all the residents. FEMA and Save the Children have finally arrived! Been busy raising funds.
For more info: http://www.sioux.org/
*Until further notice: all of my RedBubble sales profits are being sent to the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. * Thank you for your support!

Honored to be invited to a Sacred Sun Dance, then further honored to be invited to participate; I am struggling with how my art can create awareness for the Lakota People who have my heart.

An interesting situation arose on my way to my photo journey. Lost funding for artists at the Buffalo Run Preservation Program on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, instigated a return to my painting, after being totally immersed with the camera for a couple of years. I offered my service as a painter and they accepted. I have painted two tipis (18’) with my friend, and an amazing Lakota drum maker, Derek Fiddler, and I’ve painted 2 more tipis at the request of the Program Director for the Cultural Village they are building. This summer has been truly life changing and I’m humbled.
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What a fabulous group of artists! The talent represented on Red Bubble is nothing short of amazing!
I love summertime…planting flowers, kayaking, camping, bonfires, all of it.
I am a painter and a photographer; I’m also a business person, and, a gypsy at heart. I guess I really contradict myself! My time is never enough to see all the people and places I would like to, and all of you bring the world together in a stunning way.

Please take a moment to visit:
OneSpirit@ NativeProgress.org
to learn more!

There are many ways to donate that help preserve and support the Lakota culture, with the utmost respect for the dignity of our Brothers and Sisters on Pine Ridge Reservation and the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation.Current and urgent needs are updated regularly: Please visit the following web address: http://www.friendsofpineridgereservation.org.

Wishing all of my RB friends a wonderful day!

Many Blessings.Kate

All The Materials, Including Photographs and Writings Contained May Not Be Reproduced, Copied, Edited, Published, Transmitted Or Uploaded In Any Way Without My Permission. My Images Do Not Belong To The Public Domain. Kate Purdy

PLEASE VISIT http://nativeprogress.org for more information!

Any proceeds from Native American photos will be used 100% to purchase items for the People of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. The needs are great and the poverty is beyond most people’s comprehension.

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In the Heat of the Moment was featured in the “United States” group. Placed 4th in the Feature 12 Challenge in the Women’s Photography Group 5.09
Thank You!

Featured 7.25.2010 in the Midwestern United States Group
Featured 7.28.2010 in The Human Condition Group


Featured in the 50+ Group January , 2010
Holding What She Loves

Featured in the Spirit of the Native American group 1/01/10
“True Blood”

Featured in the Spirit of the Native American group 10-26-2009

Feeling History 8.09 feature

Feeling History proud to be Featured in the group; The Spirit of the Native American 6.09*
Featured in ! 100% ! Group 8.09

Featured in the Spirit of the Native American Group

Featured in Spirit of the Native American group


Standing Strong Featured in the Ethnic Art Group 9.2.09
Featured 8.09 in
The 50+ Group and The Midwestern United States Group
Standing Strong

Featured in the group; Strictly Human Faces 10.09

Featured in the Nautical group 11.12.09

Featured in The Woman Photographer, 8.28.09

Featured in Cee’s Fun Artsy Friends group 2.01.10
Pushing the Limit

First Place in the challenge, “The Culture of Dance” in the First Things Group 6.04.09
En Pointe

The Woman’s Photographer Group, Your Best Work Only First Place Abstract Architecture Challenge Winner!

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Featured 5.29.09 in the group: Candid Photography. TOP TEN Challenge winner (2nd place) in the “70’s” Challenge in the group First Things 5.09

Featured 4/29/09 in the group: Studio Lighting
“She Makes Magic”

*Featured*1/19/10 in the Candid Photography Group

Featured in the Midwestern United States Group
08-09 Peaceful Protest

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“Ghost of the Past” placed 2nd in Vehicles Challenge in the “Virginia Group”

Hollywood Cemetery: Top Ten of Resting Place Challenge in the First Things Group 6.09
Featured in the Virginia Group*

Featured in the Group: Midwestern United States 06.30.09

Featured in the Group: Magnificent Minnesota

“The Hug”, Featured in the “Sisters In Arms” group

Placed in TOP TEN of “Letters in Nature”
Challenge in The Woman Photographer group, 4/09

Placed in TOP TEN in “What Minnesota Means to me” Challenge, in the *Magnificent Minnesota Group

*Placed in TOP TEN in the “Buildings, Big&Small” Challenge in the HAPPY HAVEN GROUP and
Featured in the Group Cottage Style 5/09

Angel of Stone featured in the Virginia Group

Bridge to Summer featured in the You’re Accepted Group 5.19.09

Camera of choice: Canon EOS 30D


Featured in the 50+ Group 8.09

“The People Mover Corridor” was featured in the “Architectural Photography” group 4/09. Thank You!

“Show Me the Way Home” by Kate Purdy was featured in the “Light Up My Life” Group (4/09) and in the “Magnificent Minnesota” group (4/09). Thank You!

“The Trees Dance” by Kate Purdy

“We Can Never Forget” by Kate Purdy

“The Lion House” by Kate Purdy

“First Place” in the Mood & Ambience group challenge for “Comforting Light”, 4/23/09

Featured in the Group: “Magnificent Minnesota”


“Where the Shore Meets the Forest” Featured in Happy Haven

2nd Place in the Everyday Life Here’s Winter Challenge 8.31.09

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Wounded Knee, Remembering

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Wounded Knee Massacre in South Dakota. / As the glow of the holidays fades into blackness, I remember those slaughtered, our brothers and sisters.
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Invitation to be in a museum exhibit thanks to redbubble!!!

I received a message from a gentleman at redbubble along with a forwarded inquiry from the Haus Der Natur, “Museum of Natural Science” in Austria. / They have requested to use one of my photos displayed on redbubble in an exhibit that will run 2-3 years. / I am so honored because this fits my mission to create awareness for the First People of the Americas. / *a HUGE Thank You to redb…
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Sacred Sun Dance

I’ll be off RB for a couple of weeks. I have been invited to attend the Sacred Sun Dance at the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. / I am truly honored and am busy making and finding gifts and checking and double checking all my photography equipment. / My goal is to raise awareness for the plight of our Brothers & Sisters on the reservations in the U.S.. / It amazes…
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Home from Mayo Clinic

I’m very happy to be back home and elated to bring my sore, but healing, husband, Bob home! Bob suffers from PKD, (Polycystic Kidney Disease) although, if you knew him, he lives his life to the fullest and doesn’t appear to suffer on most days. In October of 07, I was honored to give him one of my kidneys, and due to the nature of his disease, he had to have his native kidneys remove…
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