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My name is Kate, 21, and I am an university (Marketing communications) student.
I’m interested in photography since I’ve seen my father’s first camera, old Zenit. I started taking photos when we bought Canon Digital Ixus 40 which I used for about three years. Then I upgraded to Canon EOS 350D and I definitely decided to try to became a photographer.

My other love is called horses, the beautiful animal Allah has made. I used to ride a thoroughbred gelding named Segal fir many years, until his owner moved him. One day I aspire to became also a horse owner, my dream looks like a black little colt with a star (yes, quite like The Black Stallion).

My other passions (in no order of favour) are animals generaly, travelling, films, books, chocolate, mate, warm, clear sky, drawing, Fino’s diary, classical dressage, music, rice, New Zealand, Ireland, world history, Converse, Gilmore Girls, Armani, English-Elvish-Arabic-French-Greek and lots more.

I adore to read critiques and comments on my work, positive or negative. I appreciate any way of your interest, so please, view and comment!

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