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I attempt to write, draw, and take photos. Sometimes I play with paint.

I bought my first dSLR in the middle of 2010, a Canon EOS 550D (AKA Rebel T2i), and I still have a LOT to learn.

Most photos on this site will have been taken with my Canon, though some were taken with my old P&S a Kodak Easyshare something or other.

I also have a flickr where I am less selective of what I upload.

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365 NotePads: What's Happening Next - School of Faces Project

This sounds awesome and you should all get involved, all it takes is sending a picture of your head in profile and (if you feel so inclined) reposting this blog post to spread the information. / Photos and names go to / What is the project? / Artist Michael Alesich is embarking on the School of Faces project. The project is an art piece that combines a mass of people face…
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Pummelvision photo-montage

Go make a pretty video of your photos. Mine is quite short as I only have a small amount of photos uploaded to a flickr account, but it’s still cool watching them all fly by like that. / Here is my video / Go make your own here / “Pummelvision — The Reason You’ve Been Taking Snapshots All This Time / Ever wished you could rewind your entire life and watch it again? Then you’ll love Pu…
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The Camera Lens Mug- soooo cool / The perfect christmas gift for any camera obsessed friend/ family member! :) / The attention to detail is outstanding!
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Only human

I wish I could make the world love me, but I can’t. I wish I could fix all my mistakes, or atleast never make any more, but I can’t. I wish that I could solve all your problems, but I can’t. I wish I would never hurt you, but I will. I wish that I would never offend you, but I will. I am imperfect, I am flawed, I am me. And at the end of the day, when the fight has been won or l…
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