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Hi everyone:) / New Year is coming and like most of us here on RedBubble, I also decided to try my luck and came up with a big enough collection of images to creat two totally different calendars. So if you have a minute to look at it and tell me what you think, I’ll realy appreciate it! / As always thank you for your time and comments !
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*happy, happy, happy !!*

Finally I can present my first published images, in the Rider magazine!!!! The best feeling ever!
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Thank you as always !!!!

I was away for 2 days and this morning I’ve got a nice suprise of 3 Features, all in Outsider group !!!!!! Yeaaahhhyy ! :-) / Here they are:
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Sara featured again :)

A big thank you to the host of Playful Photogenic Pets and Outsiders for featuring this piece !
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