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Born in Scotland, at home in Europe, I am a passionate photographer and designer who loves to capture impressions of our beautiful world....

Title Image and Feature in RB Blog!

Wow, I am bowled over!!

Thank you, RB team, that my aerial photo of Kisimul Castle is not only featured in your Blog but is also the avatar and header image!!!!

Redbubble Blog

Kisimul Castle is just one of my series World from Above – Bird’s Eye views captured from aircraft across Europe, Asia and America. I’m thrilled to have been included in this curated selection:-)

Barra: Kisimul Castle
by Kasia-D

As my RB buddies will know Aerial Photography is one of my great passions. Last week a Redbubble Homepage feature, this week the Redbubble Blog. And I’ve sold several prints and a framed picture recently too.

Looks like my marketing effort is slowly taking off:-)

Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement!!

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