Tinsu was born in Addis Ababa and, as the surname Kasai attests, her roots ascend from regal Abyssinian lineage. Through a lifetime of transitions, she has traversed African, European and North American continents, finally settling among the dense cultural tapestry of Southern California. Having inherited the artist cue from her Tigrean mother, born in the ancient city of Gondar, little Tinsu was inspired by the experience of watching the women of her village weaving colorful fabrics and basketry. Self-taught in the art of sculpture, her career was transformed when she was instructed in the distinct art of sculpting with paper. What Tinsu brought to this rare art form was truly distinct and undoubtedly inspired by her ancestral inheritance.Upon viewing the sculptured paper art of Kasai, one will likely be drawn into a world of the exotic, a wide range of visuals ranging from facial masks from African village life to Native American culture, palm trees swaying to ocean breezes and a mélange of other organic expressions. .
-- Keidi Awadu, Black Star Media

  • Joined: October 2007