Soaked in iguazu yet again


-it poured rain last night, absolutely bucketed down.
I looked out my wind and saw flashes of lightning, and a couple of locals running for shelter
The trees were bending back and forth
When it rains here, IT RAINS HERE!!!

So this morning I woke up early, had a shower, my sunburn doesn’t seem to bad by the way, packed all my things, had a bite to eat, then checked out of the hotel…..and waited for the second part of my tour

The bus turned up and off we went
The skies looked a little angry, and it was a little cooler than yesterday….a little, not that much, still hot and humid, but at least we have some cover from the sun

We picked up a couple of extra people then headed to Argentinian customs, while waiting the rain started again, very heavy rain, extremely heavy rain!

We got through customs, then crossed the bridge between the Argentinian side and the Brazilian side
Visibility was extremely low due to rain, suddenly the driver slammed on the breaks, there was a power cable hanging across the road.
We continued through the Brazilian side customs, and the rain continued.
Once through we waited at a gift shop type thing for the rain to slow.
Eventually it went from torrential to drizzle.
And we continued

Once in the national park on the Brazilian side we drove down a long road, a tree had come down and some workmen were working to clear it.

Eventually we got to the entrance and started down the path
And good old Argentina soaked me to the skin again
3rd time this week lol

The views of iguazu falls from the Brazilian side are very different from the Argentinian side.
Argentina has 80% of the falls on their side, it’s more of an up close experience.
Brazil on the other hand has more panoramic views
If you ever come here I recommend you do both, they are very different experiences

Once again I should mention our guides, junior and Alberto, once again great job, very happy with the level of service.

Oh yeah, and after the torrential rain things have actually cooled off
I’m not sure for how long, after all it poured so much last night I was hoping my bed would be buoyant, but by this morning it was hot and humid again…….until the next downpour

So I walked up and down many winding paths and steps on the Brazilian side, so much easier today without the heat and humidity
Taking lots of pics as I went, trying to keep my camera dry as I went, which was not easy with the rain

Towards the end I walked out onto a bridge in front of the falls, amazing but very very wet experience.

By the time I’d taken my pics and got off the bridge and behind some shelter my camera was dead
Yep, it survived Antarctica but killed by iguazu falls

I wasn’t about to panic, worsted case scenario I miss out on taking pics on the last leg of my trip and have to buy a new camera body when I get home, I was considering the possibility of upgrading anyway, but my canon 1100d has served me well. Best case scenario was once the camera has some time to dry out it would be ok again.

So as I was right at the end of the walk anyway I found somewhere dry and had a look at it
It wasn’t turning on, it was dead.
I gave it 5 min then tried again, still dead.
5 min later I tried yet again, I took out the battery and put it back in, and when I flicked the on switch it came back to life

So then it was back on the bus and down many winding roads to the boarder.
Interesting trip, trees down, more power cables, and a car flipped over on the side of the road.
Told you the rain was heavy

Now I have about a 5 hr wait for transfers to the airport, then 2 hrs at the airport, then about a 2 hr flight

No doubt I’ll write more before then

-while waiting for the transfer from the hotel I started chatting to a Canadian lady (she overheard a conversation I had with a Dutch couple from my tour today) she had been to Antarctica too
We swapped stories
She was unlucky at iguazu falls though. Remember how I said the heat was unbearable yesterday? Well I was lucky I went yesterday in the heat as she couldn’t get into the Argentinian side due to the rain, so she missed the whole thing.

When my transfer arrived he told me he had 3 other people to pick up. We drove out of the town and next thing I know we are turning onto a dirt road and heading into thick Forrest. All I can see ahead of us is a winding dirt track and thick trees, he would turn a bend……and nothing but more trees.
After driving for a little while we came to a clearing and a building…..he drove straight past it and yep… guessed it…….nothing but more trees.
The 3 Guatemalan ladies from yesterday had told me that their hotel was in the jungle (I thought they may have been slightly exaggerating), and we were going to pick up 3 passengers, so I wondered if it was them…..sure enough it was.
I had my iPad with me with some penguin shots on it and they loved them
(I should get a job doing tourism for Antarctica)

Once on the plane I found myself sitting next to a very nice American lady
Guess where she had been 6 yrs ago? Yep, Antarctica

It seems half the tourists in iguazu have also been to Antarctica

The flight was good
Oh yeah, the 3 Guatemalan ladies were in the 3 seats behind me, I think they might be stalking me

And final we all arrived in………..Rio de Janeiro!!!!
My final stop before home

I went through customs easily
Found my transfer, who is also my one on one guide tomorrow
A guy called mario
Seems like a very good bloke
Down to earth type
2 minutes after I got in the car he was telling me about how most drivers in rio ignore the road rules, as the road rules cause accidents
I felt comfortable with his driving somehow, despite the fact he took a mobile call with his right hand, and was reaching across to change gears with his left….remember here in rio the steering wheel is on the left like in America, so the gear stick was on the right
It was kind of strange watching him let go of the wheel, reach across, struggle with the gear, then grab the wheel quickly again, while going around a corner in traffic
But he did it like it was nothing, cause no doubt he does it every day

Ha ha
He says to me “do you want to do the tour tomorrow or the next day? It’s up to you?”
I asked if there was a difference
He said “tomorrow would be better, the day after that the weather is going to change, what time I pick you up? 9? 10? 10:30 if you want? You want to see the 90 metre Christmas tree, I’ll take you now, no problem?”

I think mario might be a character, it’s going to be fun tomorrow

Hotel looks ok, I can see Christ the redeemer from my window
I might have to do some long exposure night photography
After all I’ve lugged my bloody tripod half around the world and haven’t had a chance to use it

I was hoping to do some star scapes in Ushuaia but it was too cloudy
I wanted to do a night time shot of the obelisk in buenos aires, but it was either pouring rain or they were having a festival around it, or prepping for the festival
Just bad timing I guess
But maybe a good night shot or 2 of rio would be the way to go