My time in rio


-well it’s Sunday, my last day in rio, and the last day of my trip before the long journey home
I haven’t updated in a couple of days, so here goes

Friday- a very good day
Mario, my tour guide, picked me up at 10
I’ve got to say, I like mario, he’s a good bloke, with an interesting story, and he knows his job well, and seems to really enjoy it.
Our first stop was the statue of Christ the redeemer.
We travelled up via train.
About half way up a samba band boarded the train and started to busk
They were very good.
As for the statue, what amazing views of Rio.
As I was up there I could see the city slowly being enveloped by mist, it was only a matter of time before we were covered in mist as well so I got all the shots I needed
But, my camera wasn’t at 100%, it w…

Soaked in iguazu yet again


-it poured rain last night, absolutely bucketed down.
I looked out my wind and saw flashes of lightning, and a couple of locals running for shelter
The trees were bending back and forth
When it rains here, IT RAINS HERE!!!

So this morning I woke up early, had a shower, my sunburn doesn’t seem to bad by the way, packed all my things, had a bite to eat, then checked out of the hotel…..and waited for the second part of my tour

The bus turned up and off we went
The skies looked a little angry, and it was a little cooler than yesterday….a little, not that much, still hot and humid, but at least we have some cover from the sun

We picked up a couple of extra people then headed to Argentinian customs, while waiting the rain started again, very heavy rain, extremely heavy …

Hell is very hot, but extremely beautiful......if you don't have heatstroke...welcome to iguazu


-thank you mr hoon iguazuian driver for waking me up at 5 with your extremely bad South American techno music, and the fact that you turned around and drove back up the street, and then turned around and drove up the street yet again, just so we could hear your music again made me so happy
It was the early morning wake up I had been dreaming of

And I’m on the 4th floor, I imagine those situated even closer to you would have been even happier

Good job, keep the tourists happy, because without tourism iguazu’s economy has….um…..well what does it have?
Not much most likely, after all it’s in a middle of a jungle in the middle of nowhere, tourism is pretty much it

But having your music pumped to 11 at 5 in the morning while driving up and down the street i…

Arriving in Iguazu


-well it’s 4 in the morning, I woke up an hour ago, and I’m waiting for my transfers to the airport (hope they are not late)
I have an early flight before 7 to my next designation, the place I’ve been most excited about seeing after Antarctica
It’s meant to be amazing, it’s called iguazu falls

After speaking to some fellow Antarctica travellers who did iguazu before Antarctica, I’m even more excited.
But I have to stay awake, make it to the airport and on the plane first
And at the moment it’s a struggle to stay awake

-5:40 at buenos aires international airport, waiting for my flight while the sun rises in the background

Transfer got to the hotel on time
The drive through buenos aires in the early morning was nice
I like the early morning
I j…

Buenos aires cont'


-strange day
Half of buenos aires is outside my hotel room banging drums
No I’m not joking or exaggerating
I’m in a hotel on Av 9 de Julio, which has 7 lanes of traffic going in each direction, plus some side streets
Well, traffic must of been chaotic in other parts of the city, because Av 9 de Julio was shut off to traffic, and people were every where
I went for an extensive walk amongst the crowds
I have no idea what they are celebrating, but they are celebrating something
People young and old were out
A lot of people with signs and flags with writing on them, but obviously that didn’t do me much good.
(Remind me to learn Spanish before coming to South America again)
And now there are local rock bands playing
Lucky I don’t have to get up early tomorrow


Exploring buenos aires in the sun


-another busy day
I woke up and decided I was going to have a nice quiet day, nothing to busy, just casually walk around, have a look, soak in the city, take the odd pic or 2, and get something to eat
Well it didn’t actually work out like that
I woke up and had a shower, I wasn’t long out of the shower when the phone in my hotel room rang
It was the woman from my half day tour……that I thought was tomorrow
I told her to give me 5 minutes while I quickly got dressed and ran down stairs

The tour was ok, we went around the city for about 3.5 hrs, it enabled me to cross off some of the things on my list of things to see

The last stop was recoleta cemetery, where we had the option of getting out and making our own way back or they would give us a ride back to the …

.....more flying


-what a strange sensation last night to be laying in a large bed that wasn’t moving as I was sleeping
No drake to rock me to sleep
And no background hum of the ship engines or ice or waves hitting the hull
It was good to have a long hot shower that didn’t require me to hang on to a handrail to keep my balance
And I had my first shave in almost 2 weeks
So I’m feeling a little refreshed, but I’m still envious of those new passengers heading across the drake as I write this, with the experience of their lives laying just ahead of them

I had a bit of breakfast, checked out of the hotel and did a final hour long walk around Ushuaia before heading to the airport
I’m now waiting waiting waiting as my plane has been delayed
So this is my last couple of hours in Ushu…

Another trip update


- yesterday was a little slow, I found the drake exciting when crossing it to Antarctica, but after Antarctica it was a little boring on the way back
So yesterday I had a snooze, played some cards, played some more cards, and watched a large pod of dolphins swimming by the ship……then more cards lol
Oh yeah….there was a lot of meals in there as well….they kept us very well fed

Today we pulled into port and disembarked
Which is kind of strange after being at sea, crossing the drake, and exploring Antarctica for 11 days
I had some time to kill before I could check into my hotel, so ken, Linda, mick and myself went to the prison museum in Ushuaia.
Yep, before the present tourist trade Ushuaia used to be a prison, which makes perfect sense, if someone escaped from a…

I'm back on trip continues


-Tonight I board a ship and we sail down the amazing beagle channel surrounded by massive snow capped mountains until we reach drakes passage
Drakes passage is the stretch of sea where the Atlantic meets the pacific under south America
It is notoriously the roughest patch of sea in the world
But also incredibly unpredictable
You can get the “drake shake” with 20-30 ft waves shaking the boat until you turn green
Or the “drake lake” which is calm and flat
I’m thinking 2/3 lake and 1/3 shake would be an interesting mix
But most likely we will get it the other way round

If you still haven’t guessed my destination look at a map and you should get it

If not though, look for an update In about 12 days

-have had a full on day and not on the boat yet
Tony and I…