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Interference by KariS All That Vain by KariS Trendy Red by KariS Bluetoo by KariS Sunhide by KariS boom. done. v2 by KariS Just fake it ... by KariS left is the new right by KariS Boom. Done. by KariS Lichen by KariS Above by KariS Spirit Is present - dg by KariS Spirit Is present by KariS Urban Desire by KariS Leave - Before You Go by KariS Dr. Selftrust by KariS Rabbit's Equation by KariS the Shroud of a Meal by KariS Moo Lisa by KariS Director's Cut by KariS mark of the trade by KariS Posh & Ugly (tm) Grey Logo by KariS Posh & Ugly (tm) by KariS Brand De Luxe by KariS Have To Leave This Winter Blues by KariS Not safe for workplace viewing by KariS Bad Hair Day of the Spirit Of The Forest by KariS Make Love Not Drama by KariS Thinking about it ... by KariS Musique Non-Stop by KariS Good Citizen t-shirt by KariS The End of The World by KariS cwp_banner by KariS Home With You Tonight by KariS One Of Those Days by KariS Freak Flag - t-shirt by KariS Freak Flag by KariS Banned by KariS Two Tribes by KariS Communication of Experience by KariS Hello Moon by KariS

Ode for Eclipse

all the things / in the past / catching me / crawling, passing me / flowing, rolling / to their own ways / in moonlight / you show your sid…
Adrain Bamaged by KariS

Ridiculous Speed & Transdimensional Computer

Galactic Thesaurus: Ridiculous Speed / After inventing ”Ridiculous Speed Drive”, / generally all speeds over 1000 times of lightspeed, / we…
Be Quiet by KariS It's called Silence by KariS Shirt Strikes Back by KariS Shop Happy by KariS Drain Bamage by KariS All you need is flove by KariS I Am The One by KariS Citizen of the World by KariS Be Me by KariS Urge To Emerge by KariS Cool, shady, but Cool by KariS Mona ... eh by KariS I AM, DAMMIT ! by KariS FVCK NORMAL II by KariS FVCK NORMAL by KariS

Self Image

As an image of myself / I’d choose that Jesus-statue from Rio / that stands on top of that cliff / As my surroundings I’d choose / green…

I See You

I see You / in the morning rays / where the river opens to bay, / Sun dances on the ice lid / and mist breathes on meadows of strand / Ther…

Mare Tranquillitatis

In the dust of / Mare Tranquillity / lives eternal longing, / the promise of silence / and tune of morning dew / I woke up there / one morn…

Teatime With Love

Love came to visit / and settled in / sat on coach and sighed: / “That was a long journey, / Thought I’d got lost.” / Hea…

In Marriage With Angel

Man / lived like her wife was an angel / and how correct he was / No wonder / their neighbours / were frankly envyous

Fairytale of That One

One day, All-In-One got bored of Oneness, / as Oneness was already in everywhere, / knew it all, had it all, and had become like / irritati…

Joornee Of Dah Mihckeans

and duudah amongsta themmo / o fainted and fell wittha screem / “helliooo boyzz, i’m suckketh!”

Song For JohnnyBoy

“more of a handy man / could that boy be / instead of musician”

Memorial Service of Aunt Gertrude

oye / ya know / i had this old aunt Gertrude
Dark Side Of The Moon by KariS Stairway To Heaven by KariS Oxygene by KariS Stairway To Heaven by KariS Boobcircles by KariS Values by KariS Plea by KariS Suffering by KariS I'm Here by KariS Gray - a long story by KariS IDM - it doesn't matter by KariS Circle One by KariS
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