I have been taking photos for over 50 years, starting when I received a Brownie Box camera at the age of about 10. But it has only been since my retirement from the workforce a few years ago that I started taking it all a bit more seriously, beginning to learn all about “rule of thirds” apertures, shutter speeds and ISO’s etc!!

Since then I have become known by family members as being OBSESSED!!

My favourite would be landscape and all nature photography.

I am fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world, the north west coast of Tasmania, and photography is a great way to keep busy, get out and about and meeting like minded people.

I currently use a NIKON D7000, NIKON 18 – 105mm VR lens as well as a NIKON 105mm Macro and NIKON 70 – 300mm VR lens. Have recently added a Sigma 10 – 20mm to the collection as well as a Sigma 120 – 400mm

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Display settings

Could someone please help me!! In my collections I have my Display Settings set to “Uncropped” which places the photos all individually and separated from the adjacent photos. All of a sudden recently I found that throughout my albums I have various photos where 2 photos are attached to each other with no separation. Why?? And how do I fix it???
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