Some thoughs on my Reading & Reviewing project

Since January 2008, I’ve been working on a project involving books & photography: Reading & Reviewing is where you can see and read for yourself :)

I love books, but continued feeling a certain emptiness whenever I finished one… and learned for myself that I needed to put into words what I felt about a book and to also visually express those feelings if I could. So Reading & Reviewing started.

Now I’m almost two years into the project, and feel that I have found that one project which can last for years to come. Something I’ll never tire of, a project I can always work on. I’m curious to see the self-portraits five years from now, ten years, to see change in myself and also my taste in books. I wonder if I can continue to come up with photos to go with the reviews. I wonder if I’ll read more or less over the years. I wonder if I will ever tire of the green wall. I wonder if my reviews are going to develop themselves further. For one, they’re already longer than they were when I first started. I wonder if I’ll get more critical, if my voice will change over the years. I guess I’ll have to see.

Weird to feel so much about a project. But it’s what I’ve been looking for all this time I’ve been a photographer.

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