Hi there! I’m Kaat Zoetekouw, a.k.a. Karin Elizabeth fotografie. I’m a fine art and (self-)portraiture photographer based in the Maas en Waal region of The Netherlands.

I have a fondness for coffee and consider myself to be a proud member of the wine sisterhood. I have about 90 books on my to-be-read pile. Which is a ridiculous amount, I know. But it’s like having my own little book addict library! I used to travel a lot, before I gave up on the whole “steady income” thing to become a self-employed photographer. I do hope to be able to see more of this beautiful planet in the years to come.

My preferred elevator music? Give me some indie rock or, you know, Bruce Springsteen. Basically I love everything from electronica to jazz. But not country. No.

Finally, I like to surround myself with nature, go to concerts, write book reviews, pamper my orchids, doodle, hug my <s>boyfriend</s> husband and read interior decoration magazines (mostly because they inspire me… to clean up my house).

I blog here: www.karin-elizabeth.com and www.reading-reviewing.com.

  • Age: 32
  • Joined: July 2008


Some thoughs on my Reading & Reviewing project

Since January 2008, I’ve been working on a project involving books & photography: Reading & Reviewing is where you can see and read for yourself :) / I love books, but continued feeling a certain emptiness whenever I finished one… and learned for myself that I needed to put into words what I felt about a book and to also visually express those feelings if I could. So Reading &…
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...renovating & moving

I’m going to be quite absent for a while to come; Wil and I bought a house a while back and are in the process of renovating it. Plus there’s the move itself which will take up some time. / I’m posting photos of the renovations and other house related photography at flickr, in case you’re curious to see what exactly we’ve been up to: / Honey, I’m home!
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Tweet twitter. Tweet tweet.

I joined the hype a few months ago. I didn’t see the point of twitter at first but lately I’ve been enjoying the idea of not having to write a full-on blogpost when all I have to say at one time or another is “Crap I broke my nail” or “I have a new review online read it here linkity link”. / Twitter / And my actual blogs are both up here: / Blog about moving an…
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I feel like a contestant on "Survivor"

…but I didn’t get eliminated just yet. / I made it through the first phase of the art school application. Three weeks from now is the formal interview & assessment. I feel good knowing I have some extra time to prepare! / Thanks everyone for the lovely, supportive comments.
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