Tote bags

Just want to say thank you to my friends, who have purchased a tote bag. My friend, Ingrid in Canada has purchased a tote and cushion cover of two paintings of mine, which they own. So now they will have a cushion and tote bag to match their paintings. I’m sure their friends will think that’s pretty cool.

Also one of my totes sold as soon as I got it, when I was showing one of my students. Now I must order another one for myself.

Someone in Europe bought a tote with my Rainbow cats on it. I have ordered a few for myself, and already got great feedback. Anyway, just want to say how much I love my totes. Recently discovered a good use for them. Transporting a couple of my smaller paintings to where I have them on display. Thanks Redbubble ! Love the totes and pillow cases ! : ))

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who have recently bought some of my cards or prints. It’s always lovely to open my emails and see " You’ve made a sale!" Makes me happy and appreciated.
My Cats Galore have been a popular seller lately.
Thank you also to the people who are kind enough to leave a comment, and to feature my art in their groups.
Love my fellow Bubblers !
xoxo Karin xoxox

A note to Redbubble

I have been buying a lot of greeting cards and calendars over the years,( mostly my own and those of other artists as well) and for the most part I have been very happy with the quality and the service.

I recently ordered some photographic prints of a few of my paintings, and have to say they were gorgeous. I ordered the metallic finish, and was just so impressed with the quality and how vibrant they came out.
Most of my orders usually get to me very quickly, but have to say the photo prints took much longer, as they came from the US , but were so nice, that I didn’t mind the wait.

Anyway, thank you Redbubble for providing quality products and service, and for always promptly attending to any issues I have.

I think we have a tendency to take these things for granted, and only speak…

Exclusive interview - Karin Zeller reveals all !!!!

Ha ha, well, had to get your attention somehow !….Anyway, just thought I’d share this with you, my friends here on Redbubble.
Brief intro:
I’ve never met Liz before, until she sent me an email, asking if I would mind doing an interview for inspired people segment of her blog. Of course I said yes, especially after I saw what a great website she had, and after reading a current interview she had done of another artist.

Her blog is very inspiring for artists, and worth checking out…again and again.
If you have a few minutes to kill, or if you are interested in learning a bit more about me, here is the interview:
Thank you, again, Liz, for thi…

Gorgeous calendar - check it out!

Some of you may have heard of Freda Surgenor. If not, you’ll find her here at redbubble. She is an amazing artist, yet very approachable and very nice person.
I have had the pleasure of chatting with her on many occasions, and am totally in awe of her talent and her work.
She has been featured in Australian Artist magazine many times, and is a multi- award winning artist, yet is so humble and down to earth. I feel very privileged to call her friend.
Recently, I asked Freda if she would consider putting together a calendar of her seascapes and boats. She quickly agreed, and then asked me to select the ones I want. In the end I got to choose 13 of my favourites, and our collaboration is now available for anyone to look at or buy. Maybe I’m biased, but I think it is the most gorg…

Love my red bubble calendars and greeting cards!!!

Just wanted to share my excitement about seeing my art work in calendars for the first time. They arrived yesterday on my front door step, all nicely wrapped. It was like Christmas, Birthday and Mother’s day all at once.
I ordered 6 to take advantage of the special they had of 30 % off, and also ordered 8 greeting cards as well.
Oh, they look so lovely. The calendars are large and printed on quality paper. I was very pleased and impressed. Some of my images came out better than others, but overall the quality was great.
The greeting cards were beautiful as well. The colours were vibrant, and one in particular was amazing; “Scruffy Cat” came out so clear, and the textures of that one really showed up well.
Anyway, I will be ordering more. They will make great gifts for fr…