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Tote bags

Just want to say thank you to my friends, who have purchased a tote bag. My friend, Ingrid in Canada has purchased a tote and cushion cover of two paintings of mine, which they own. So now they will have a cushion and tote bag to match their paintings. I’m sure their friends will think that’s pretty cool.

Also one of my totes sold as soon as I got it, when I was showing one of my students. Now I must order another one for myself.

Someone in Europe bought a tote with my Rainbow cats on it. I have ordered a few for myself, and already got great feedback. Anyway, just want to say how much I love my totes. Recently discovered a good use for them. Transporting a couple of my smaller paintings to where I have them on display. Thanks Redbubble ! Love the totes and pillow cases ! : ))

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