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My name is Karin.
I am a German hobby photographer focusing on anything outside – animals, landscapes, plants …
I’d like to give my friends an impression of the things that catch my eyes during the day. Most of all I’d like to learn from others too.
I love reading everyone’s comments, so please feel free to leave one.

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Good News

Made a Sale! / Thank you so much to the unknown RedBubbler who bought a card of my image “Russian Nesting Dolls” / Very best regards. / Karina5
Posted about 1 month – 4 comments

Made a Sale

Good news!!! / Someone was interested in one of my images and bought a card of / Thank you so much, and I hope that you won’t regret the purchase.
Posted 2 months – 4 comments


THANKS / Thank you so much to the person who purchased a card of my calla flower image. I hope you will enjoy the card.
Posted 2 months – 4 comments

Successful Sale

Thank you so much to the RedBubblers who bought / - a greeting card / / - a greeting card / / - a poster / / Thank you so much!
Posted 5 months – 4 comments