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The Magic Magenta Koi

Sometimes in the quiet of the silvery night, when the sound of no noise is whiter than white, I have seen and have heard some mysterious sights, found treasure in dark places that the darkness disguised. Once I spotted some things that are curious marsupials, I think they’re called quolls but they had no credentials.

The quoll looks like a Milky Way of stars upon first inspection, until then you notice these stars are all travelling. Only then do you realise the milky white splotches, belong to a rather sweet nocturnal carnivore, whose ‘stars’ are painted prettily upon furry soft flanks, and whose shiny black eyes stare right back at you blank.

I have seen spiders and shadowy things, I preferred to ignore them and not let them in, as my mind is an active volcano so thirsty and these things are nasty, I’m calling them irksome. But one night was different to all of the rest and this night I chanced on nothing like this.

What happened to me is a magical mystery, what I saw and then heard was not something you’d see on a night that is dark and a dark that is deep, I’ll tell you a tale that will make your heart beat!

I woke with a poke in my side and a sneeze, I woke with a shock that did wobble my knees! I don’t know what poked me, all that I know, is that I was allergic and it started to show. I stumbled out of my sheet that had tangled, disturbed by my dreams, my feet could not tango. Whatever it was, it had fur and it smelled, sort of musky and dusty, a night critter’s smell. Perhaps it was fruit bat or Nudgie the dog, whatever it was, it’s breath was quite off.

It had something to do with the pond out the back, we had lined it with plastic the colour of black, for I wanted a koi, I wanted it bad. I had wanted a koi, for a time that was long, I had longed for a koi to enrich my life’s song. I thought that a koi would be the cat’s whiskers, I thought it would help if I got the night shivers, to know that a friend was out there in the dark, protecting me, guarding me, in my backyard!

My eyes were adjusting from sleeping so soundly, to being awoken so rudely and loudly. I tripped here and there, but diligently followed, the breath and the scent of whatever it was.

How does one know one’s arrived at the scene of the place that the stinky-breathed creature is leading? The thing is, you don’t …no, you don’t really know….not until you see something that positively glows. In my case this something it glowed like an ocean, of purpley reddish magenta-ry potion. The pond that was nearly half done with black plastic, had filled itself in with a liquidy magic.

The water it boiled like a saucepan of broth, because under the surface a creature was stuffed, a koi of the magic magenta type kind, have you heard of this species, they are blessed with hindsight! My eyes were awash with a few salty tears, I had never imagined a fish of this ilk.
A fish of this ilk had now come here to stay, had hopped in my pond and become my soul mate! Once re-positioned and comfortably fed, I marvelled and glowed and I patted his head.

I’ve been searching the globe high and low, low and high, for a koi that was willing to guard me at night. For a koi that was smart and a koi who could guide, overjoyed by my Magic Magenta type Koi. The Magic Magenta Koi, answered in kind, he responded with words golden-dipped, unlike mine. The colours that came from my Koi were like ripples of rainbows and scented the backyard with echoes of perfumes exotic, they were rich and rare, so I thought that my body was floating on air.

He said this to me, and I’ll quote it to you, ‘you are more than you think, than you know, than you knew’ … ‘you are greater than quolls and the stars in the sky, you are made from the magic of tears in the eye’ … ‘you are forged from a love, that is greater than you are, you are bigger than all of the bigness by far’ … ‘and it doesn’t much matter, the koi in your yard, it’s far more important for you to regard, that you are the treasure that I seek each day, and your heart is full of the light and the way’ … ‘and even though you doubt, that you know the way, you were given a guide, in your heart and your mind, and these do collide and line up with the stars and the galaxies rich that are born in your heart’ … ‘your mind is as rich as the soil and the clay and a pond with a koi might make your life quaint, might give your soul peace and might nurture the frayed, but as far as a koi enriching life’s song, think hard about that, and you’ll see that you’re wrong’ … ‘I am merely a messenger, not guard or guide, I was sent here today to just stand by your side’ … ’ you are the one, with the key to your life, you are the one you should seek for and strive’ … ‘forget all the things that you think you might need, and follow your heart, for it knows where to lead’ … ’I’ll be your friend and I’ll be beside you, but I am not able to guard or to guide you’ … ‘when you trust yourself, you will trust then the others, that no-one can harm you, not evil, not brothers’ … ‘for flesh is just flesh, but your spirit is higher, your heart might stop beating, but your soul will soar higher’ … ‘so fear not my friend, for all will be well, you were only just frightened of your own unknown self’.

The Magic Magenta Koi

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