the grave

the stones so cold and grey and round
so unforgiving
it’s tempting to throw them into the river
and disturb the flow of the gentle stream
the little birds are hiding in the trunks
of those stalwart trees who guard and guide
the night visits from this way to the next
and beyond this the visions are fading, ever fading
as eyes close and olden olden and drain, draped
in the veil of nothingness that transcends the
knowingness, but there is a way through the
darkness, through all this
and there is a vial of hope for the one who
descends to the ground and floods the
river with tears and weeping at the willow’s edge
they are comforted and shed their final darkness
so the colours of the day they can wear when
blackness is no longer an option
how I love to disappear into the blackness and
cover myself in darkness, the colours too bright
and burning my eyes and my soul, give me
something a little more subdued today, so that
I can appreciate the glory and goodness in
something less, less bright, less beautiful, give
me the less beautiful so I can visit the beauty in that
Likely there is something of goodness in the
sting of the ant and the bite of the cobra
and the tree that grazes your knees,
pain is of a goodness that cannot be calculated
is that not the message I sought
surely there is something of value to be learned
and burned into my brain
at the end and in the beginning,
we are as we are and in between
who really knows, who really knows
but the soldier who throws his slumped friend over his
shoulder, knows better than most, what this is
and where this goes and leads
blessed be the goodhearted that remain so
despite the wear and tear of life and love and
may the good go free and set fair sail on the winds
and wings of hope, where the flesh is laid bare for all to see
let there be no bad thing chasing their feathers or charming
their others
doomed to become as cold as the stones beneath my feet
I cherish the small warmth of a lit match between my toes
and blend into the darkness once more

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  • Mui-Ling Teh
    Mui-Ling Tehover 2 years ago

    To understand the goodness in pain… It is good for understanding other people’s situations. I can certainly say from experience. In the past looking at people who take up drugs, addiction – and people who do things that bring them to jail, who behave certain ways… we see random people in the streets being uncivilized or who just shout at you out of the blue or when they are at fault… I had often time wondered “What the heck are wrong with these people” or wonder why people would take up certain things. And then I fell into a dark hole, and that time I was often cynical, ranting, saying some ridiculous things, nagging, saying a lot of things that were unrealistic… Now I didn’t take up drugs nor cut myself, but I did start hating things I used to love. Although even prior to that I had some instances where I was bad tempered. After that experience it took some time to realize, but I realize there were reasons I act the way I do – and that applies to everyone in the world – people get delusional, and there is reason to that. So when I see someone acting unpleasant – although it still isn’t nice, I also think “well, there could be a reason” (don’t forget the comment I made the other day about things happening for a reason.) Once a co-worker told a story of a driver being rude to them or something, and another staff said “Maybe he had an argument with his wife” – could’ve have happened… This was something that happened last year not too long after the time I had realized I had changed from my incident.

    It’s funny, as I read all these things you post nowadays. In the past year I have been more philosophical, reflected on many things and why things happen. I had often thought one day I would share these thoughts – but these things are often difficult to describe (and on top of that I have so many other things I want to do as well), and in the end people may not really follow because it is complicated. But I guess they may already know it themselves – we’re more alike than we realize, and I see that when you write.

  • Thanks so much Mui-Ling, you will write about it when you are ready, and perhaps when there is more distance between yourself the incident, with time, it gets easier to discuss. Whenever I’ve been going thru something, I’ve often been surprised at how much other people are going thru similar things or even worse, not that that makes you feel better, or lessens the difficulty, cept to say, you feel less lonely in it all…..but yes, it’s easier to be philosophical in hindsight I believe it’s far more difficult to remain philosophical in the midst of great distress….I certainly haven’t been able to maintain that kind of steadiness or steadfastness, tho I wish I had.

    What you say is so true and an empathic way to view others, giving them the benefit of the doubt, as perhaps they themselves are suffering through some difficulty and this has shortened their temper or lessened their patience…

    I really enjoy hearing your reason things out Mui-Ling…yes, challenges and difficulties do change us, I think they bring about more character and more wisdom if we are keen to learn…..and that can be a good thing. None of us is perfect, and sometimes we might expect too much from others, that is certainly one of my downfalls… big hugs for you xox

    – © Karin Taylor

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