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The Currency of Wisdom Often….nay, very often :) movies inspire me. They inspire me to sometimes make improvements to my life. Often I am challenged by th… Hands are for Healing Hands are for Healing / a simple story by Karin Taylor 17 Apr ‘14 / There was once a little Matryoshka doll / her name was Anastasiya, wh… another summer another summer / by karin taylor © / flowers float to sundrenched souls / with cheeks of petal pink / all rosied up by shining rays / … Message in a bottle I got your message in a bottle / encrusted with salt / crystals glistening in brine / in time to the crustaceans’ rhyme / the mandol… fungi by © Karin  Taylor Bird and Bride by © Karin  Taylor The Rainbow Warriors of Bubblegum Bay The Rainbow Warriors were fast becoming news in the wilds of Bubblegum Bay, seeking rainbows to bring home to the village of All Bright Co… and the tide came rolling in …and the incoming tide speaks in whispers of times past / of times to come, of the universe and the shell dwellers / and of all the m… lost and found In a room as dark as ink, I saw her peaky face / she was hiding in the corner, where the ink was yet to grace / I noticed she was holding,… poemia Encased by humid air / Laid low in my cocoon / Nestled deep asleep / I slumbered in the tomb / Let Sun come forth I bled / Tho Moon may tak… forever always by © Karin  Taylor The Little Dreamer unfortunately instead, she slapped two ants simultaneously in the head, knocking them senseless in the vortex Message for a friend Message for a Friend / by Karin Taylor © / You know you’re worthwhile, / because the stars shine for you / You know you’re… love can’t die apples turning brown with age / lovers love is ageless timeless / doesn’t suffocate under the weight / of judgements…and pain / it is relen… sowing seeds and sifting souls your song soothes my soul / it is the honey that runs smooth as silken sails / over all my grazes, bumps and bruises / your song, it soothe… Lost in the Mazes Lost in the Mazes – written by Karin Taylor © July 2013 / written to the music of Bon Iver’s Blood Bank / Strumming guitar… humility All the flowers turned their heads toward the golden sun and stared, saying not a word, there was such a hush over the garden, even the li… wings to fly | karin taylor Today you sent me wings I see / Such tiny sweet transparency / Like cellophane and tiny twigs / You fashioned these to set me free / I̵… The Butterflies still Visit Here’s a new poem I wrote just now, while sitting outside in the sunshine, observing nature, before my daily meditation. It’s … dreaming blossoms by © Karin  Taylor belle of the ball by © Karin  Taylor The Magic Magenta Koi Sometimes in the quiet of the silvery night, when the sound of no noise is whiter than white, I have seen and have heard some mysterious si… like a moonbeam hey…thanks for checking out my latest, I am often inspired by rap, hip hop…it’s the beat that gets me…it’s th… Hope and Despair Hope and Despair / copyright Karin Taylor 2013 / written by Karin Taylor 31 Oct 2013 / are you aware / that you widen the distance / betwee… rhetorical theoretical the relief of rejection is perhaps finding itself relative to / or parallel with, the intensity of expression / and/or the innate ability o… Peace sign iPhone and iPod case by © Karin  Taylor my elephants Every night while I’m sleeping, I wake to find news that my elephants (elephant prints from drawings, designs and my paintings) are … Fish n chips The fish / swallowed / a ship / which / turned / out to be / veree / unlucky / for he… / It turned / out to be / a floating / potato… pink freckles iPhone iPod case by © Karin  Taylor Heartbeat of Life’s Concerto Heartbeat of Life’s Concerto / copyright Karin Taylor Nov 2013 / I don’t know whether it was the owls sleeping / or the blue j… occupied | non fiction | karin taylor We found this ramshackle old building once, my friend and I, it was down the lane way across from the Kingscliff beach, old, abandoned and … Him-He who knows it all on Sea of Foam and Dark Green Jade / Jetsam n Flotsam made their way / they set up camp on early morning shores / where seashells spoke an… Time and Love Thru the rainforest of tears / We found the warm tropical face of our love / Where rainbows are frequently timed with reverie and birdsong … peace of mind My crushed cotton memories / are cloudier than spilt milk / with cereal puffs / snoozing on the floor / and / all of my transgressions /… Seven miles from anywhere Seven Miles from Anywhere / by Karin Taylor © just written by the ‘unfriendly’ sea / @ Seven Mile Beach- while listening … Eskimo in a kimono The dark seemed warmer and kinder / I felt like an Eskimo in a kimono / rubbing noses in the desert / while the butterflies were pleasant /… The Wise Wind Whispered The Wise Wind Whispered / by Karin Taylor © / I felt myself sink into the pillow, wilting like a flower who’s face once turned t… matching dresses, lollipops daisies in the wheelbarrow / sunshine’s getting thru the window / smoky swirls and golden curls / honey licks on salted lips / matchi… Lizard Swimming A rather rare sight for me, to see a lizard swimming, probably an Eastern Water Dragon. The poem is an expression of seeing this happen at… she smiled like an angel We crossed over the canyon of despair / and I looked directly into the eye of a daisy / who spoke to me with a soulful song / it sang in ti… love lives on As time passes and I grow older, things that were of such great importance, become less of an issue, wrongs against me, become less painful… she knows the way frozen to the core / she awoke from her black dream / her fingers snapping from the freeze / nails blackened by the chill of the breeze / e… Bridges Bridges by Karin / Bridges in a sky of white / The drifter and the gypsy / hitch a ride / to somewhere new / Far away, little boats / Sit p… Patchwork Elephant iPhone Case by © Karin  Taylor apples, bread and frankincense Apples, bread and frankincense / long-gone, thought I.. forgotten places, / where angels spread their wings / St Agnes’ statue sings … discovery Perhaps the greatest joy of all in life is ‘discovery’. The realisation that one does not know everything, in my particular ca… stars, moon, black ink sky stars, moon, black ink sky / © karin tayor 2013 / stars, moon, black ink sky / more heavenly, than apple pie / stars, moon, black ink … Fifteen Seasons This humble bit of writing is sorta dedicated to a friend of mine lk, aka les king/uncleblack of treetops records, a poet, singer/songwrit… braid my words the leaves are rolling / down the lea of the hill / the air is changing from / the soft warm of spring / to the cool hand of winters chill … The Aftermath of the Great War I once lived here and broke bread with friends / That seems eons ago / The river of life now flows past these parts / And many ghostly memo… fly high butterfly poem by Karin Taylor / fly high little butterfly / fly wide and far away / fly high little butterfly / to light up someone’s day / f… The bride and the sea The bride and the sea / unbridled by me / ’neath the sakura clouds / where the gulls used to be / caressing her face / the breeze pla… Enchantress of Time | Karin Taylor solitary silent / you blow thru my mind flickering / in a ghostlike transition / from farmer to musician / we danced to the song of bravery… Punctuate my Life Punctuate my life / Copyright Karin Taylor 2013 / Written by Karin Taylor 30 Oct 2013 / Punctuate my life / with your presence / …the… gypsy heart around and around / as my thoughts expound / the universe keeps spinning / but my heart is grounded / and the compass spins / from south t… full circle home that soulful sorta music soothes the pillars-of-pain away / of those daisy-come-darts in my heart, oh yeah… the new day smiles / my f… big red apples beauty never fades… / just gets more beautiful with age / it’s not what’s going on with you / it’s what’s goi… morning meditation there is more to life than seeing, / there is hearing, feeling, sensing, touching, being; / seeing is but one way, / sensing is another / t… The Magpie’s Song I heard you / calling / just a little time ago / and i thought / what is that noise / it’s so sweet / I must find the owner / of t… a portent message Karin Taylor this is a funny poem I penned, with a little positive message… it was inspired by a little drawing my son Ben did when h… Deepest of Deeps A bit of a song/poem thingy I wrote today…inspired by Bliss n Eso – The Sea is Rising / Deepest of Deeps by Karin Taylor / Copyright Karin … A Ramble I Wrote (i) A Ramble I Wrote (i) / by Karin Taylor / At least once a day I am swimming in the debri / of my mind’s shattered splintered thoughts… isms idealism, realism, skepticism, pragmatism, naturalism; isms may be used to describe a person’s belief system or view, system or filte… through all those times and these ‘through all those times and these’ said Sycamore Tree to Bee / ‘the Moon helped guide your way, the Sun shone down on me, / the Sky wept o… First World Problems First World Problems / Copyright Karin Taylor 2013 / My collar upturned I struggle forward / sheets of driving rain pelt my face / each dro… Common Thread Every now and then, nature unlocks things within that you thought were sealed up forever, it works it’s way into our souls, like a he… labour of love To create some art, and not share it. To create some art, and keep it to oneself. To create some art, with no expectations and just hold … freedom The greens of verdancy tripled in hesitancy / while the wintered-whites visited and my infancy / seemed multiplied in each wave of life… the grave the stones so cold and grey and round / so unforgiving / it’s tempting to throw them into the river / and disturb the flow of the gen… Judy or Alice am I more like Alice / who got curious and more / or perhaps I’m more like / Judy who brought Oz / to her front door / do I sound lik… moneypenny tree the day lay still not breathing / moneypenny tree stood tall and strong against the blue / her rounded green leaves like little laced lily … memories I danced for convicts in the yard / I lived inside a convicts heart / Someone liked my button nose / They told me I had twinkle toes / Anot… Patchwork and Gizzards It’s hard not to be a little bit influenced by Halloween with all the photos up around FB lately. I don’t celebrate Halloween … flowers and charms yayauhqui sky May yields to June / warmish days grow frosty / cerulean skies pale to silver / stars flash diamond like in / the yayauhqui sky / lovers si… shaka hand sign iphone ipod case by © Karin  Taylor when a child first walks When a child first walks in sunlight / And mingles under leaves / When they spot a silver cobweb / Silken threads, a spider’s weave&#… I Drank from the Clouds Listen to the audio recording by me here / Please check out my painting also called I Drank from the Clouds / I drank from the clouds / swa… Smile matryoshka Be brave matryoshka / march you strong between pylons / don’t covet the cufflinks too long / is your bodice too tight / don’t … sand in my shoes I walked for miles and smiles / along the sand dunes / just to arrive and thrive again / near those swirling deep waters / around the buri…
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