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love is the axis on which i swing I peered beyond the darkness / and into the eyes of the night sky / those starry lights spoke of heights / dizzy and unkown and I realised … With every breath With every breath / by Karin Taylor 12 Sep 2013 © / With every breath you’re breathing in stardust, / and as you expire, you se… On Morning’s Cusp On Morning’s Cusp by Karin Taylor / 28 May 2014 (copyright) / On morning’s cusp as dawn breaks heaven’s slumber / I rest… Draw me a Heart Draw me a heart / stained with carmine / enshrined in a garden / of cobalt green / paint the flowers / Egyptian blue / and Chinese purple /… silver paper solitude silver paper solitude makes me smile all over you / brown paper elephants no-one can subdue / I think like a waterfall and sink like the su… A recent revelation A recent revelation I’ve had is that I’m a positive person who suffers at times, from debilitating anxiety and depression. Du… a short fairy story Fairy Dress photograph by Karin (taken 16/9/12 early Spring) / … / One day, it was close to the first day of Spring I remember, Franc… I shall quietly abide I shall quietly abide on a calm sea / And when the waters violently strike and gash the boat / I shall simply calm myself and thee / . .… Peace sign iPhone and iPod case by © Karin  Taylor The Dream Maker honeyed hair all goldened by the sun / shoulders kissed n freckled sienna brown / silken locks frame fuschia lips beneath your little crown… The Fox and the Owl The Fox and the Owl drawing by Karin Taylor / The Fox and the Owl by Karin Taylor / (1 May 2014) / On a moonlit night, in a place far away … my thank you note my thank you note / by karin taylor / it is morning after mourning / and my soul is refreshed / despite the pain that living brings / my he… this went on for days and days | karin taylor The moon seemed tired tonight / as I clutched at the starlight / It was the fifth night in a succession / of dark nights populated with ran… pink daisies by © Karin  Taylor awake now my soul I cry like the gull, in it’s haunting archaic language / from the depths of my soul, like the ocean in mourning / the blue swell carr… peace love and understanding by © Karin  Taylor my heart, my love | karin taylor my heart, my love, my sweetheart / in all of life / no other has given so much / expected so little / responded with such tenderness / to m… wistful wisteria by © Karin  Taylor white carnation by © Karin  Taylor fungi by © Karin  Taylor silver gull by © Karin  Taylor A Heavenly Event | Karin Taylor Once upon a time, a tiny silver sparrow with wings of precious metal rested on her elephant friend. She was unable to fly, because the meta… would you still love me… Would you still love me? / by Karin Taylor / Would you still love me / if I was a cat who had outstayed / his welcome and eaten a rat? / Wo… Happy Easter | Karin Taylor I rather like Father Bob / cos he’s not a total knob / and I love a lot of people / who are different / I’m a seeker / I like m… cycle of abuse All I can do is mourn for your loss, the losses you have sustained are so deep and so profound, they will affect you forever. You don̵… fairy beach party by © Karin  Taylor My Shark Encounter: A True Story by Karin Taylor The boat rocked gently side to side on a sea of black-green-blue, an overcast day with a slight swell, not much chop, just rock, rock, rock… snap dragons by © Karin  Taylor less is the key I sent up a smoke signal not a smokescreen / and you know the white horses they came running / I like Humpty had fallen down, hit my crown … water drop by © Karin  Taylor fresh air by © Karin  Taylor Faith, Hope and Clarity | Karin Taylor I saw a sign said ‘faith, hope and charity’ / but all I ever wanted was / ‘faith, hope and clarity’ / I sent a cha… Moon Guitar There you were in your purple sing song dress / and your yuequin joining in with it’s perfect tones / the vibrations of your voice ag… resolve | karin taylor half notes jumbled from exposure to the sunlight / intermingle with the pretty structure dangling near the window / like something half hea… the canvas bride I am looking thru the window at a figure and a shadow / at shapes moving a foot or two in front of a flaming hearth / I notice there an eas… Royale Paisley Peacock by © Karin  Taylor a ramble in the park I take a walk in the park of my mind / and venture here and there over the many crossings / the bridges I’ve broken / the walls I… blue freckles iPhone iPod case by © Karin  Taylor what makes you beautiful…? UPDATE: / Recording of “What Makes you Beautiful” music, guitar/vocals Don Taylor/ words by Karin Taylor http://www.redbubble.c… the loving heart If I were a rose that was red in your garden / I’d perfume the sill on your window of life and / If I were the breeze I would blow oh… translucent bruises | karin taylor Translucent Bruises / Like Shadows of Trees / Who have Caved Creatures / and Carved Futures / Translucent Bruises / Like Conscious Moments … Savoir-faire Savoir-faire / written work by Karin Taylor / Copyright Karin Tayor Nov 2013 / In all my torment / the birds still tweet their song / the c… internal monologue i – to make sense ….this is an unusual write, in that, it is purely the conversation/running internal monologue of ceaseless thought that forms in my … magic elephant iPhone Case by © Karin  Taylor flight of the sugar puff I cannot help / but be the me / I am / someone who likes / big jars / of raspberry jam / a little bit of yoghurt / and a smattering of glam… Song collab paper boats Paper boats song collaboration (new slow version) / Paper boats song collaboration (original YouTube version) / . . . . . . . . . . . . . .… neverending thirst | karin taylor deep beneath the particles of pink / acres of sleep caressed my tired mind’s inklings / but seriously, what’s life without ligh… rainbows of peace iPhone and iPod case  by © Karin  Taylor her grace, his strength On the back of her hand, scribbled notes, faded and merging letters, left him little clue…insightful as he was, his intuition failed.… I preferred to dance matchsticks sometimes burn our little fingers / but mine were all black anyway / arranged this way and that / in careful repetition / unde… Owl of my heart Sunflower’s seeding / while bristle brush slow / aloe is weeping / why, nobody knows…. / Heartwood has frozen / while sunbird i… Naturally Inspired by Karin Taylor by © Karin  Taylor Calendar Leather Worn Love Leather Worn Love / a poem by Karin Taylor / The back of his hands / Resembled the leather of my shoes / Well worn with age, tied in knots,… fairy sight One day, it was close to the first day of Spring I remember, Francesca was playing in and out of the shadows, she thought the shadows must … something dies something dies / by karin taylor © / …as I picked the rose / I was stung… / not only by the rose’s beauty / …a… pink freckles by © Karin  Taylor seashore by © Karin  Taylor morning dew by © Karin  Taylor indelibly inked there’s a mess inside my head / where my hair is threaded thru / the birds are living there / …without a care, without you ther… Don't shoot owl iPhone and iPod Case by © Karin  Taylor You Knew Me Not The poem was inspired by this / poor dear dead little insect / I found today on my window sill / You Knew Me Not / by Karin Taylor © /… Misty the Friendly Rainbow Dragon Misty the Friendly Rainbow Dragon / On a cold winter’s day in amongst some decay / a flower was blooming despiting the glooming / the… For the Gentle Hearted For all of you with gentle hearts / and sensitivies / For everything you go through / And everything you see / For all the pain that haunts… Frozen with Foresight inspired by ‘The Garden of Forking Paths’ by Jorge Luis Borges (which I haven’t actually read, but learned a little about… Golden Tortoise Beetle There once was a beetle, I didn’t yet know / he named himself Golden, not Gordon or Snow / He was, so some said, a tortoise disguis… little wren The tiny wren he panicked, his wing a broken mess / The catapult had spoken, to my little feathered friend / He fell onto the ground, no cr… seashore sheoak I by © Karin  Taylor geisha girl iphone ipod case by © Karin  Taylor Origami girl Origami girl / I’d like for you / to fold me a pearl / for wisdom / fashion a gondola / for my journey / create a paper heart / to w… bloody good books I am about to swear, it’s only a little lite swear…but a swear all the same, I hope you enjoy my little sweet poem: / bloody go… Spooked I sit here in the place where bodies, once warm with life, lay cold and alone beneath the earth. Tiny lights declare that dusk has arrived… The sun will shine Your hazy day sunshine smile / Makes me high in the summertime / Palms sway softly whispering rhymes / Easy breezes, easy times / Life̵… The rain of adversity The rain of adversity / Upon our souls / Germinates the seeds / Of character / This is how we blossom / Into who we will be / The beautif… The Weeping Wailing Widowed Willow Tree Them big ol’ waves they roll right over me / The ripping, roaring, rolling, foaming, charming, restless sea / The spray floats on the… The sun was shining The sun was shining / I rose and wept / the earth was turning / I lay down and slept / the fire was burning / I took inventory and swept / … Lost soul Life takes twists and turns, some we’re ready for, others we are not. The shock and surprise that discovery brings with it can disrup… dirge in the salty water I passively bob, gently rocked to sleep / by the rythm of my breathing, a dirge plays in my heart / and sad thoughts are… hollow got to get to the stars tonight / just so i can breathe / breathe in everything in sight / the reflection belies the truth / and i can̵… Pink and Lilac Nature Photography by Karin Taylor by © Karin  Taylor Calendar daisies by © Karin  Taylor
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