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Leather Worn Love Leather Worn Love / a poem by Karin Taylor / The back of his hands / Resembled the leather of my shoes / Well worn with age, tied in knots,… a personal manifesto I don’t know why, but every now and then, usually when in the loo or the shower, I have an overwhelming urge to say something deep. … Water drop on glass by © Karin  Taylor water drop on palette knife by © Karin  Taylor water drop by © Karin  Taylor fox and owl by © Karin  Taylor On Morning’s Cusp On Morning’s Cusp by Karin Taylor / 28 May 2014 (copyright) / On morning’s cusp as dawn breaks heaven’s slumber / I rest… The Fox and the Owl The Fox and the Owl drawing by Karin Taylor / The Fox and the Owl by Karin Taylor / (1 May 2014) / On a moonlit night, in a place far away … Dear Citizens of the Art, Photography & Wider… Dear Citizens of the Art, Photography & Wider Community on Earth, / I hope this finds you all well, wishing you much aloha. / Since sta… My Impression of Australian Artist Margaret Olley My Impression of Australian Artist Margaret Olley / by Karin Taylor (April 2014) / She had a rapport with things that she saw / They glowed… Takeaway for Tea Takeaway for Tea by Karin Taylor / (Short poem Inspired by something I spied with my eyes) / At a beach by The Sandbar / where The River me… Hands are for Healing Hands are for Healing / a simple story by Karin Taylor 17 Apr ‘14 / There was once a little Matryoshka doll / her name was Anastasiya, wh… when a child first walks When a child first walks in sunlight / And mingles under leaves / When they spot a silver cobweb / Silken threads, a spider’s weave&#… Common Thread Every now and then, nature unlocks things within that you thought were sealed up forever, it works it’s way into our souls, like a he… My Broken Spirit Limps My Broken Spirit Limps / An elegy or lament by Karin Taylor after the loss of Basil (my beautiful cat) / 18 March 2014 / My broken spirit l… discovery Perhaps the greatest joy of all in life is ‘discovery’. The realisation that one does not know everything, in my particular ca… Ladybird on Leaf painting by © Karin  Taylor A Ramble I Wrote (i) A Ramble I Wrote (i) / by Karin Taylor / At least once a day I am swimming in the debri / of my mind’s shattered splintered thoughts… The Elephant and the Peacock by © Karin  Taylor Rainbow Princess by © Karin  Taylor Love Heart by © Karin  Taylor Pink and Lilac Nature Photography by Karin Taylor by © Karin  Taylor Calendar Naturally Inspired by Karin Taylor by © Karin  Taylor Calendar Rainbow Snail by © Karin  Taylor Whale Migration in a Sea of Flowers by © Karin  Taylor Happy Little Flying Clouds Pink by © Karin  Taylor Happy Little Flying Clouds Blue by © Karin  Taylor A Special Collection of Selected Paintings by Karin Taylor by © Karin  Taylor Calendar Exotic Peach Lovebirds by © Karin  Taylor Exotic Silver Lovebirds by © Karin  Taylor rainbow lotus flower by © Karin  Taylor Lotus Flower Elephants of the Rainbow by © Karin  Taylor Lotus Flower Elephants Ocean Blue and Sea Green by © Karin  Taylor Vintage Tea Party by © Karin  Taylor Love and Light Owl by © Karin  Taylor Yin Yang Magpie Feather Fan by © Karin  Taylor Savoir-faire Savoir-faire / written work by Karin Taylor / Copyright Karin Tayor Nov 2013 / In all my torment / the birds still tweet their song / the c… The Friendship Rose I by © Karin  Taylor The Friendship Rose II by © Karin  Taylor Blue Owl Birdhouse II by © Karin  Taylor Blue Owl Birdhouse I by © Karin  Taylor Deepest of Deeps A bit of a song/poem thingy I wrote today…inspired by Bliss n Eso – The Sea is Rising / Deepest of Deeps by Karin Taylor / Copyright Karin … Like Gold Like Gold / By Karin Taylor / Copyright Karin Taylor / Been thinking about the system / the idea of religion / The purification of souls / … Lizard Swimming A rather rare sight for me, to see a lizard swimming, probably an Eastern Water Dragon. The poem is an expression of seeing this happen at… Heartbeat of Life’s Concerto Heartbeat of Life’s Concerto / copyright Karin Taylor Nov 2013 / I don’t know whether it was the owls sleeping / or the blue j… The Currency of Wisdom Often….nay, very often :) movies inspire me. They inspire me to sometimes make improvements to my life. Often I am challenged by th… Hope and Despair Hope and Despair / copyright Karin Taylor 2013 / written by Karin Taylor 31 Oct 2013 / are you aware / that you widen the distance / betwee… Punctuate my Life Punctuate my life / Copyright Karin Taylor 2013 / Written by Karin Taylor 30 Oct 2013 / Punctuate my life / with your presence / …the… elephant eyes Elephant Eyes / copyright Karin Taylor 2013 / Maybe as they say / it is the end of days / we’re walking through / a haze, a maze, unf… Patchwork and Gizzards It’s hard not to be a little bit influenced by Halloween with all the photos up around FB lately. I don’t celebrate Halloween … Lucky Star Elephants by © Karin  Taylor your smile your smile by karin taylor / copyright karin taylor 2013 / …and in the evening, eeryfied / I learn the nightjar’s call / a myth… Little Bright Eyes the Radiant Christmas Mouse by © Karin  Taylor Is Art a Luxury? Is Art a Luxury? by Karin Taylor / Copyright Karin Taylor 2013 / Is art a luxury or is it something we cannot afford to be without? I ask… First World Problems First World Problems / Copyright Karin Taylor 2013 / My collar upturned I struggle forward / sheets of driving rain pelt my face / each dro… stars, moon, black ink sky stars, moon, black ink sky / © karin tayor 2013 / stars, moon, black ink sky / more heavenly, than apple pie / stars, moon, black ink … Elephants by © Karin  Taylor Calendar Message for a friend Message for a Friend / by Karin Taylor © / You know you’re worthwhile, / because the stars shine for you / You know you’re… realistic painting of a magpie feather by © Karin  Taylor another summer another summer / by karin taylor © / flowers float to sundrenched souls / with cheeks of petal pink / all rosied up by shining rays / … something dies something dies / by karin taylor © / …as I picked the rose / I was stung… / not only by the rose’s beauty / …a… bloody good books I am about to swear, it’s only a little lite swear…but a swear all the same, I hope you enjoy my little sweet poem: / bloody go… The Patchwork Tree by © Karin  Taylor The Butterflies still Visit Here’s a new poem I wrote just now, while sitting outside in the sunshine, observing nature, before my daily meditation. It’s … love lives on As time passes and I grow older, things that were of such great importance, become less of an issue, wrongs against me, become less painful… The rain of adversity The rain of adversity / Upon our souls / Germinates the seeds / Of character / This is how we blossom / Into who we will be / The beautif… Time and Love Thru the rainforest of tears / We found the warm tropical face of our love / Where rainbows are frequently timed with reverie and birdsong … labour of love To create some art, and not share it. To create some art, and keep it to oneself. To create some art, with no expectations and just hold … This Moment A poem I wrote this morning, which I paired with this painting, as I thought they went together :) / This Moment / by Karin Taylor © 1… You Knew Me Not The poem was inspired by this / poor dear dead little insect / I found today on my window sill / You Knew Me Not / by Karin Taylor © /… With every breath With every breath / by Karin Taylor 12 Sep 2013 © / With every breath you’re breathing in stardust, / and as you expire, you se… girls by © Karin  Taylor Calendar birds and owls by © Karin  Taylor Calendar elephants by © Karin  Taylor Calendar whales and dolphins by © Karin  Taylor Calendar Little Diana the Vintage Elephant Princess by © Karin  Taylor a recipe divine a short poem I wrote this morning while sitting out in the sunshine: / a recipe divine / by karin taylor / the sun is dripping honey / from… Little Rainbow Elephant by © Karin  Taylor my elephants Every night while I’m sleeping, I wake to find news that my elephants (elephant prints from drawings, designs and my paintings) are … my thank you note my thank you note / by karin taylor / it is morning after mourning / and my soul is refreshed / despite the pain that living brings / my he…
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