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iPhone Macro Photo Editing

The progression of my iPhone photograph through the use of iPhone and iPad apps apps Procreate, IcoloramaS, Filterstorm Neue, PicFX and Stackables. Thank you for looking. Check out my art galler here and uou can follow my iPhone photography on Instagram if you have an account here stagram.com/karinlouisetaylor or on Facebook here

Hidemi Tada's Portrait of Me

These lovely portraits of me were created by my friend and fellow artist Hidemi Tada from 2010 til now, he has continued to work on the one on the left. You can see his progression below. Please visit Hidemi’s portfolio to view all his beautiful works of art.

Hidemi has somehow captured my soul, even though he and I have never met, he obviously knows me and knows me well, for over the years we have spent time together, in deep conversations about philosphical and spiritual things, about life and about what’s really important. I hope that all who come across Hidemi, will realise that in him, is a great treasure and that he has great wisdom. I have learned much from him. I am so grateful that he has crossed my path and we are friends. Thank you so much Hidemi! It’s a v…

Tips for Budding Artists #4 Inspiration


Inspiration can come from anywhere, but once I did an interesting experiment to try and pinpoint from where it originally came for me, and I found that I am still drawing from the same things that I loved in childhood, things that I was familiar with, animals (whales, birds, cats, dogs) hobbies, ballet, storybooks (fairies, genies, princessess), people and nature (trees, ocean, fish, whales, caterpillars, bugs, flowers) and home. In the image I’ve posted, you can see examples of those pictures, just to prove that I drew just like you did when you were a child. I also drew very repetitive characters over and over again, like the character with big ears, who I’d say was meant to be my father. I have a whole pad of little drawings dedicated to the same character with…

Tips for Budding Artists #3 The Creative Journey Begins


So many of us look at a beautiful piece of art and our shoulders slump, thinking we could never create something so magnificent. For a persons’ art to achieve status and desirability, we must really acknowledge that the journey of a lifetime has preceded it and must be acknowledged behind it.

Sometimes seeing a beautiful creation might have the opposite effect or affect us detrimentally as artists, because it feeds into our own self doubt, I know, because it’s happened to me, and lots of other artists I’ve talked with.

I think it’s a trap we fall into, of believing we cannot possibly create something like that, and yes, it can be discouraging, unless we are privy to the journey that precedes the work. This is why I am sharing my journey with you, because …

Tips for Budding Artists #2 Creative Endeavours can Enrich your Life


Like most children, I did a bit of finger painting when I was about 4 in kindergarten and lots of drawing at home, mostly with a blue pen on scrap paper. My grandparents and parents helped me find the tools I needed, small scraps of paper were bundled together and taped at the top with sticky tape, to form a pad and I worked my way through, one page at a time, often drawing the same figure over and over again.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was never noted as being a gifted child, quite the opposite really, I struggled with learning and although I enjoyed drawing, it wasn’t something that I was necessarily good at, I was just like any other child, drawing basic stick figures.

So what changed?

I made a decision to get really good at it. I started to research how I could make t…

Tips for Budding Artists #1 The Gift of Time


When I wrote my book Beyond the Stick Figure, I really wanted to help people who had a desire to become more creative but felt they couldn’t or wouldn’t know where to begin. I wanted to encourage people that they too, could be artists. With this in mind, I’ve decided to share tips from my book to help others.

So I welcome you to read on!

My Personal Background

I was not born creating works of art, I was not a gifted child, or recognised for my drawing or writing skills. yet I did draw stick figures, just as you would have done. I was really challenged at school and had difficulties learning and doing the work that was required.

I want you to know this, that the only difference be…