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Hey all, I already have a link to this tutorial from my front page, but there are many new people joining redbubble each and every day, and sometimes it helps to share the knowledge around a little more often, as this is buried quite deep in my journals….so today, I’ve added a few more links to it from the Help Section@redbubble…lots of people don’t know about that area, and it’s accessible at the top right of the screen, you’ll see a tiny blue “help” link and if you click on that it takes you to a wonderful searchable database, where you can get lots of tips and tricks and stuff about how to create tshirts …and all that jazz! Plus much much more, it’s worth a little explore :)

if you’re interested, The original Tutorial w


Hi and welcome to my art studio! View my full art portfolio and online print shop click here

You are visitor number come on in, sit down and make yourself at home, I’ll go put the kettle on :)

Framed original paintings hanging in my studio

Due to the lovely Robin Pushe’e requesting i post some photos of my studio…i took a few clicks…and here it is.. my studio is a double garage that was purpose built for the job. It is detached from the house, and large enough for me to pursue all my creative projects.

Here’s my new more ergonomically back/neck friendly set up…the table’s so low it looks like a kindergarten kid uses it….and the little chair is a student chair …the pix on the wall are some of the artists cards I’ve collected…

Linking & Enhancing Your Profile on Red Bubble

Seeking help to enhance your Red Bubble Profile or Homepage?

Below you will find a stack of links with tutorials written by other members to help and assist you with linking, adding thumbnails, etc…

You can also find assistance over at the Forum Home Page

If you don’t get the help you need there, please don’t hesitate to contact Red Bubble as they are only too happy to help…..


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Gracey has a brilliant helpful journal linking to a wonderful array of…

Christmas Range cards & clothes

last years christmas shipping deadlines (to give you some idea)

A Christmas Wish range
by karin taylor

A star to light your way
A tree to help you breathe
A heart to help you live

A Christmas Wish by karin taylor
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A Christmas Wish by karin taylor
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babies onesie/shortsleeve or longsleeved onepiece
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babies tshirts
3-24 months

kids tshirts by karin taylor
2-12 years

Other Christma


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about me

Welcome to my World in Pictures
It’s wonderful when I have visitors to my site, I feel as though I’ve made a special connection with you and hope that you would feel comfortable to contact me anytime for more information via email

My online print shop and complete art portfolio with over 600 works of art available for sale as canvas prints, framed prints, laminated prints, high quality posters, calendars, greeting cards, postcards, matted prints, mounted prints, stickers, tshirts, hoodies, childrens and babies wear all available for sale click here to visit my store

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
I began my journey of discovery as an artist in 2002 exploring the world of mixed media and taking my time to develop the style and nature of the artist I would be…

art, cards, prints


Thank you to all my customers who continue to support me, to buy my art prints, original paintings and designs to share with friends, for family, to wear as tshirts, to hang on your walls, to stick on school books and bags, for your bubbas to wear, to keep you warm in winter, or cool in summer, it always brings a smile to my face and reminds me I’ve so much to be grateful for……. for all the March sales, including 8 original paintings sold to lovely friends on redbubble, I thank you.


30 Mar 11 Smile Daisy Photographer T-Shirt
30 Mar 11 Smile Baby Tee T-Shirt
28 Mar 11 Tattoo Elephant TShirt Sticker
27 Mar 11 Rainbow Elephant Tshirt Kids Clothes
27 Mar 11 Rainbow Elephant Tshirt Kids C

Art Statement, Biography & Career Highlights

View my full art portfolio and online print shop click here

To convey a sense of restfulness through visual reflection. I use painting as a vehicle for expressing emotion as well as a reason to further my passion for researching different themes. Painting is always a learning and intoxicating experience for me. In researching my subject I am learning new things, and this is my favourite part of the process. In executing the painting itself I am problem-solving. Finishing a painting, is a great accomplishment, which brings with it a sense of achievement.

Karin Taylor was born in 1965 in Parkes in the middle of a drought. Her early life was interesting, living in extreme landscapes, on the coast or in the outback or the bush as it is better known. She soon develo…