Day 4 interview

Here is Day 4 of my interview with Kay Patterson in which she asks me
How did the owls and elephants get onto your canvas and is there more to come? I do hope so!

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  • Chris Brunton
    Chris Bruntonalmost 2 years ago

    I am enjoying the interview and the banter between Kay and yourself. I especially like the discussion around how you tap into your creativity and how other artists bring their creativity out. I have been fascinated with how Salvador Dali harnesses his creativity by going into a trance like sleep whilst sitting and holding a spoon and the minute the spoon drops he would paint whatever came to his mind.

    Looking forward to the next part of the interview with interest.

  • Hi Christina, thank you for reading the interview, I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it. I had never heard about Dali doing that, it’s rather fascinating isn’t it, I love how spontaneous he was in that way, I really do believe that our creativity does come via a sort of channelled experience, it’s the only way for me to account for some of the uncanny things that happen, many times, a number of artists are busy creating the very same concept, or similar…and posting it simultaneously…there can for me only be (at this stage of my journey) one explanation, that we are in some way channelling thoughts and concepts that are available to anyone who has the desire for expressing themselves in a creative way…… we are somehow sharing in a collective consciousness or tapping into the thought processes and energy of many other people all over the planet. I love that, because it unites us…. it can also divide us, so for me, understanding this, has been very important, I daydream about a big beautiful blue pool of ideas and concepts, and us all swimming in that, fishing in there and bringing back with us something from it… share, to express…. creativity is wonderful in all it’s forms, and it is so intriguing to hear and learn about different artists and processes and their thoughts and philosophies….their lives, their dreams, etc…. I could do that all day every day :)

    – © Karin Taylor

  • Mui-Ling Teh
    Mui-Ling Tehalmost 2 years ago

    “rabbits have had a very sorry tail (no pun intended)”… lol

    You are right, Kay’s rabbit does sounds like a cat. I’ve lived with an old lady with a cat once that loved to be near people’s feet (and sometimes I didn’t realize she was next to me and I almost stepped on her or walked into her!), yet she’d sound like she’s groaning when she gets petted (she was a 16 year old cat) – also very cute with an odd personality – despite the age acted very babyish, often seemed to want attention, yet when she’s petted (other than when she is asking for a belly rub) she squirms – even when you pet her during a time she’s rubbing against your leg – like Basil, sometimes charming, sometimes, decidedly devilish lol.

    Kay is right that your study of owl eyes has paid off in your human styled characters – now I see the inspiration; wow! Your elephant story was so sad and so sweet; I’m sure I’d cry if I saw that television program. Lovely interview Karin.

  • Thank you so much Mui-Ling, for taking time out of your days to read our interview, it’s meant a lot to me, and I’m so pleased you can relate! xx

    – © Karin Taylor

  • JohnDSmith
    JohnDSmithalmost 2 years ago

    I enjoy reading these interviews,….It gives me idea`s to make my own style better,….
    I take great pride in everything I do,…..Am always trying to do my very best,….A little stressful at times,…so if I can learn a better way of doing things in art,…am always interested,…
    Thanks for sharing

  • thanks very much for reading them John, and if any of it resonates with you, then that’s great too :)

    – © Karin Taylor