our youtube song video

big thanks goes out to my friend uncleblack today, who made a fresh
recording of our song “Paper Boats” on YouTube – view on youtube
or click the arrow to watch the video below

Thank you lk!! (it’s beautiful mate :) ….this is one of those songs i can listen to all day on a loop, uncleblack somehow captured the mood of my poem with this beautifully wistful sound, even tho we live a world apart, he in the UK and I in Australia, we have communicated mainly via email, and occasionally via video chat…..he just has a way with the poetic, himself being a beautiful poet.

This song is only available for watching via youtube, but you can find more of uncleblack’s music available as recordings etc through Treetops Records and The Katie Winter and now on youtube under the label TreetopsRecords

Paper Boat Tears
words by Karin Taylor
music by uncleblack

Tomorrow when I wake
I am starting something new
I will make some paper boats
and ready them for you
I want my tears to be
with the fishes in the sea
with the whales and leviathans
and the dolphins who are free
I am building paper boats
like little funeral pyres
to contain from here my tears
and send them out for miles
Once the boats are soakeded
with my tears all splashed upon them
I’ll stand at waters edge
and send them out onto the ocean
then part of me has melded
with the deep blue open places
and the peace that comes from letting go
will heal me down the ages
Next I’ll dream the whale
has met me in the sea
that he understands my sorrows
and sing songs to comfort me
so tears now do flow freely
upon my paper boats
and help me send my sorrows
on the origami floats
And where the whale is leaping
deep blue waters are my tears
and when the dolphins gather
I have shared with them my cares

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