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Hey all, I already have a link to this tutorial from my front page, but there are many new people joining redbubble each and every day, and sometimes it helps to share the knowledge around a little more often, as this is buried quite deep in my journals….so today, I’ve added a few more links to it from the Help Section@redbubble…lots of people don’t know about that area, and it’s accessible at the top right of the screen, you’ll see a tiny blue “help” link and if you click on that it takes you to a wonderful searchable database, where you can get lots of tips and tricks and stuff about how to create tshirts …and all that jazz! Plus much much more, it’s worth a little explore :)

if you’re interested, The original Tutorial with all the comments is over here it’s still there, but i’m just making it more prominent by reposting it again today as I’m getting lots of folks asking how to enhance their profile lately…and you know i am only too happy to help, but this tutorial and the help links should go a long way to getting you started

WOW… so far we’ve had 1,013 favouritings and 15,334 views since uploading this journal. Hope it helps :)

  1. FIRST UP i have some links that are very very very helpful and you should go there first perhaps…..as they are beautifully set out and very helpful links to assist you and come direct from RB’S HELP SECTION

You may well find that the RB tutorials on offer are more helpful or easier to follow than my own, so here are the links:

Basic help links
Text Image Links on Redbubble
Creating links and clickable images – a step by step guide for beginners

RB’s Help Section is a place to ask questions that no one else in the community is able to help you with, it is also a wonderful searchable knowledge base and resource area full of helpful things you might want or need to know….there is also an area there to help you if you are experience some problems like what to do if something on RB is broken and also an area for known problems and if you are having problems and the site is down, you can always visit them at RB@Twitter to find out what’s going on and that might just save you a lot of frustration when/if the site is ever down for a few hours, which does happen occasionally but not very often…

and I’m sure you’ll all be very happy to note this little gem of Dan Moore’s called
Bling Bling for Bubbling (thx Dan!!!) :)
Mel Brackstone’s help for redbubble members

Hi Everyone

This would be the most FAQ I receive from other bubblers, ie, how do i enhance my profile, how do I create a link, how do I display my products on the page….

It’s so easy, very simple, just a few steps away – anyone can do it, you can do it!! Be encouraged!

As I receive lots of requests for assistance about enhancing the front profile page of your red bubble homepage, I have decided to take some time to describe and explain in a step by step tutorial the various methods.

a) I always begin by opening up two tabs/windows
b) Open the ‘edit your profile page’ or the ‘edit your description’ box in the first tab/window
c) In the first window where you are editing your description, type an exclamation mark !
d) Click to open the other tab/window
e) Go to the public view of the image whose product you wish to display
f) Click on the BUY/PREVIEW NOW button
g) You will notice there are a range of products here for you to choose from eg, card preview, print preview, laminated print preview, matted print preview
h) Click one of these options to view the product
i) Once you have chosen which product you’d like to add as a preview, right click on it and select ‘copy image location’
j) Return to your first opened tab/window and paste the ‘copied image location’ right beside the exclamation mark
k) Add another exclamation mark after the pasted image location, leaving no spaces

You can go on to make this a clickable link if desired.
l) Add a colon right next to the exclamation mark
m) Click on the second tab/window and press the back button at the top left hand side of your browser twice until it returns to the public view of your image
n) click in the url website address box at the top of your computer to highlight it
o) right click to copy the address
p) return to your first open tab/window and paste the copied url address beside the colon
YOU NOW HAVE A CLICKABLE LINK to the page from your product preview display

This is very similar to how you would display a tshirt, but the tees are a littler easier, you do not need to go to the BUY/PREVIEW as you can copy the image location of your tshirt for display just by going to the main page where your image is located… bypassing that step, the rest is pretty much the same.

for example below is a clickable text link
Click here to see my Calendars

when you create the link it should end up looking something like this

a) I always begin by opening up two tabs/windows
b) Open the ‘edit your profile page’ or the ‘edit your description’ box in the first tab/window
c) Type one set of inverted commas
d) Type in the text, eg, “link to my website” , or “click here”
e) Type another set of inverted commas at the end of your text
f) Type a colon :
g)Click on the second tab/window and go to the website you want your text linked to
h) Right click in the url box at the top of the screen to highlight the url/website address or another page on red bubble where you are linking your text to a work of art etc
i) Paste the address right beside the colon
j) there should be no spaces whatsover
k) Click on the button to Save your changes
l) Go to preview and check the link has worked and is clickable
m) If not – recheck that you haven’t left any spaces, etc

for example below is a clickable image link

It should look something like this

a) as above
b) as above
c) Type in an exclamation mark !
d) Click on the second tab/window and go to the image you wish to add and make clickable
e) Because most images on RB are now protected with clear gifs, you cannot just copy the image itself, you will need to click on the preview/buy button to view the products, such as cards and prints, unless it’s a tshirt…which you can copy… once you’ve chosen product you wish to display…..
e) Right click on the image and choose the ‘copy image location’ option an click on it
f) Return to the first open tab in the editing box
g) Paste the image location right beside the exclamation mark
h) Type another exclamation mark, directly after the image location
i) Type a colon
j) Click on the second tab/window and go to the url address of the page your image is on
k) Click on the address to highlight it
l) Right click to copy the address
m) Return to your first tab/window and paste the url address beside the colon
n) Click to save your changes
o) Click to preview
p) You should have a clickable image link
q) If not, return to your editing and check you have left no spaces anywhere

here’s an example of a clickable thumbnail

Here’s what it should like like to you

a) as above (open the edit your profile box in my bubble)
b) as above (open it up at my bubble and go to Art)
c) return to the edit your profile box
d) insert an exclamation mark
e) Click on the second tab/window
f) Locate the small thumbnail you wish to display in your profile from your Art or TShirt Section Listings in your My Bubble area
g) Right click on the small thumnail and click on copy image location
h) Click on first tab and paste the image location right beside the exclamation mark
i) Insert an exclamation mark directly after the url
j) Insert a colon directly after the exclamation mark
k) Click on your second tab/window
l) Go to the thumbnail and click on the thumbnail
m) Go to the url/website address of your image and click in the url box to highlight url address
n) Left click to copy the address
o) Return to your first tab/window (edit your profile) and past the url address directly beside the colon leaving no spaces whatsoever
p) Save your changes
q) Go to view publick view of your work
r) You should now have a clickable thumbnail
s) If not go back to edit your profile and check you’ve left no spaces and recheck your steps

PS – if you wish to add a whole heap of thumbnails repeat the process, leaving one space between each thumbnail

Here’s an example of a Banner

Here’s an example of what it would look like to you

I have added some nice banners to the front of my Profile Page, and folks often ask how this is done. If you have software like Photoshop and are family with it, then it should be fairly easy.

I create a banner in Photoshop, using a simple rectangle shape, keeping it rather small in size …. approx 500 × 70 pixels (or 6 × 9 cm) something like that should fit fairly well in the space.

I then save my file. I opened a Photobucket account especially so that I could create banners and save them to Photobucket (a free online Photo storage facility).

Photobucket is very easy to use, simple and self explanatory. Once you have opened your account there you can upload your banners from your Photoshop saved files. Once you have saved your banners there, you can click on the Direct Link button beneath your thumbnail, to automatically copy the image location address.

To make your banners appear in the ‘Edit your Profile’ area, or in your Description Boxes, you only need to do the following:

a) as above
b) as above
c) In the edit your profile or description box, insert an exclamation mark
d) click on the second tab where you will have your Photobucket opened up
e) click on the Direct Link in Photobucket to copy the address of the banner you’ve created
f) Go to your first tab/window and paste the Direct Link image address directly beside the exclamation mark
g) Type in another exclamation mark directly after the Direct Link address
h) SAVE your changes
i) Go to View public profile
j) You should now have a beautiful new banner visible on your page
k) if not, recheck your steps and make sure you’ve left no spaces

You can make your banner clickable by additionally adding a colon after the exclamation mark, and adding the url of the page you wish to link the banner to.

See example below:

click here to view my tshirts

In order to do this you must tag all similar works with a word, by going to edit your art work, and adding the tag to your other tags and saving your work, once you have adding the appropriate word to each of your works, to categories them… you can begin making sets to take customers to sets of your work… you can use a banner or text or an image link to do so for the first part… sandwiching the text/image/banner between two exclamation marks as we have done above.

You will need to use an address like this for tshirt collection, but insert your own name instead of karin, and your own tag word, I have used tee, after the equal sign, eg

so, you add whatever tag word you like at the end after the equal sign,and then be sure to add the tag word, in my case it’s tee, to all your tshirt designs in the tag section, (via editing) and remember to click save

or if it’s an artwork collection, you would use the address below for art collections, but you need to insert your own name instead of karin, and your own tag word relative to your particular collection, in my case it’s whales, or baby, or beach, etc… :

so now it looks like this below, but be sure to take out any spaces, insert your own banner url address, add the colon, and your tee or portfolio address, using your own red bubble user name and your own chosen tag

! http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg188/karinl... !: http://www.redbubble.com/people/karin/portfolio...

From now on you will see the button below displayed on my Profile Page here at Red Bubble, and this will link you directly back to this page for further/future refence.

For more information or further enquiries please click on the following links:

Please do not hesitate to email support@redbubble.com if you are having trouble or needing help of any kind, they are only too happy to help with your enquiries


I would actually be grateful if you added the above assistance buttons/banners and links to your own Profile Pages to spread the word to others, and make access to help more easily available to newcomers and everyone on the bubble…. spread the love around….
You’ll find out how to do this in the Tutorial…. :)

How to add the banners to your own profile page..to help other bubblers have easy access to help and assistance and spread the word around

a) Open two tabs/windows in your browser
b) Click on ’Edit your Profile"
c) Click on the second tab/window
d) Go to this journal page here
e) Scroll down until you get to the button/banner
f) Right click on the banner/button
g) click on copy image location
h) Return to the first open tab/window to ’Edit your Profile
I) Type in an exclamation mark !
m) Paste the image location right beside the exclamation mark leaving no spaces
n) Type in an exclamation mark right after the image location
o) Type in a colon directly beside the exclamation mark
p) click on the second window/tab and go to the url box of tutorial page to highlght the address
q) paste the url right next to the colon (leave no spaces whatsoever)

What you’ve typed should look a lot like this below, without the spacing….. you musn’t leave any spaces….. if you prefer you can simply copy and paste this below information into your ‘Edit Your Profile’ box and just by removing the spaces you will have created a clickable image/banner link to the Tutorial

! http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg188/karinl... ! : http://www.redbubble.com/people/karin/journal/1...*

Underneath is the coding to copy and past the other two buttons

! http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg188/karinl... ! : http://www.redbubble.com/people/karin/journal/1...

! http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg188/karinl... ! : http://www.redbubble.com/groups/redbubble/forums*

Just don’t forget to remove those spaces between the exlamation marks and colon

thank you for time time in reading this…. and I would be absolutely thrilled if you shared this information with your friends…. and anyone who needs help!

Have a smiley sorta sunshiney day!



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PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE NOT USING MOZILLA FIREFOX AS A BROWSER AND CAN’T LOCATE THE COPY IMAGE LOCATION when you right click on an image, there is another way to do it….

*what you can do instead is this….
Right click on the image
Click on properties
Copy the URL address you see there
Paste the URL address from the properties in between the two exclamation marks
and then just follow the rest of the instructions – i hope that helps..i just tried it out using the other browser and it worked find for me….


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