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100 recent written works

recent written works

Thank goodness for friends In a kingdom, on a planet, in a universe from another galaxy, lived a small shy elephant. The small shy elephant had a name. It’s na… when life disappoints… …life disappoints us when expectations upon another are impregnated with our hopes and dreams, ones own deeper fulfillment is carved … there is no other one like you oh softly play your strings of gold, upon my sorry soul / soothe away the silver aches, like rivers running gold / sing to stars your lulla… The Weeping Wailing Widowed Willow Tree Them big ol’ waves they roll right over me / The ripping, roaring, rolling, foaming, charming, restless sea / The spray floats on the… my song I wrote you a love song / and strung it on a clothesline / notes bled into notes / . . . lost in the foreverness of time / I spun the berri… The Dream Maker honeyed hair all goldened by the sun / shoulders kissed n freckled sienna brown / silken locks frame fuschia lips beneath your little crown… Moon Guitar There you were in your purple sing song dress / and your yuequin joining in with it’s perfect tones / the vibrations of your voice ag… little us Crystals dripping from your lips / Like dewy little dreamy trips / We ran around the mulberry tree / Little you and little me / Legs and ar… silver paper solitude silver paper solitude makes me smile all over you / brown paper elephants no-one can subdue / I think like a waterfall and sink like the su… you’re there look out beyond the you that sees …. / the inescapable blue / the forever of grey weather / the serenity of sienna / and fly…. … indelibly inked there’s a mess inside my head / where my hair is threaded thru / the birds are living there / …without a care, without you ther… awake now my soul I cry like the gull, in it’s haunting archaic language / from the depths of my soul, like the ocean in mourning / the blue swell carr… I wonder and I marvel at the little things I see I wonder and I marvel at the little things I see / which are the greatest miracles in all reality / the way the wind’s invisible yet … Draw me a Heart Draw me a heart / stained with carmine / enshrined in a garden / of cobalt green / paint the flowers / Egyptian blue / and Chinese purple /… poemia Encased by humid air / Laid low in my cocoon / Nestled deep asleep / I slumbered in the tomb / Let Sun come forth I bled / Tho Moon may tak… morning meditation there is more to life than seeing, / there is hearing, feeling, sensing, touching, being; / seeing is but one way, / sensing is another / t… Whales and coffee The whale said to me / ‘_you should hop on on my back / I’ll take you to sea and we’ll never look back_’ / I said t… Sugary hips There’s a girl over there / with a pear shaped figure / she’s got pearly white teeth / and hips made of sugar / she wears fran… Sing to me sweetly Sing to me sweetly / a nice constellation / I’ll rock you to sleep / at the dawn of creation / hop in my boat / at the corner of not… Apple Cider loss insurmountable / love unattainable / real life spectacular / peoples’ vernacular / empty nesters prison dwellers / forty somethi… The Goth and the Gardener She was a goth / he was a gardener / they met outside her window / halfway past the hour / she wore her lips black / he wore a corduroy hat… Street lamps audio recording of this poem here / In cool night air / street lamps glow / their mellow lemon best / while stars sleep resting / on a bed … My Paper Dress impressed the Moon My Paper Dress impressed the Moon / I heard the ocean call to me / I got dressed up and went to sea/see / My little boat stayed well afloat… Fly me to the Moon Fly me to the moon / in a songswept cocoon / with a silvery spoon / dipped in cotton / the moth will arise / with a song in his eyes / and … Bittersweet Bergamot tea I welcomed a cup / of Bergamot tea / burdened with excess / filigree / finery too plump for me / I said to Bergamot, the tea / how did … You are rainbows audio recording of this poem here / Every day I see you / shining like the sun / I shake my head in wonder / at the brilliance / you’… paradox I am what I am / fragile / flawed / beautiful / restored / raw / half / whole / a riddle / a story / alone / a lesson / at one / wandering… when whales wave when whales wave / the sky sighs / .. / when whales wave / the whole earth cries / .. / when whales wave / creation revives / .. / when wha… winter It comes and goes, does winter’s cold, through thickest fogs it bears down grim and unforgiving…bitter, as are the souls of win… Splish Splash Splosh Splish Splash Splosh / perfect little drops / you splash / your little lashes / tiny sploshes / on the flowers / in the bushes / on the ro… Poem – A Tiny Testimony – by Karin Poem by Karin / A TINY TESTIMONY / My head is full of all I’ve got to do, / Today, my memory is all but shot through, / Then I raise my he… Through the Eyes of a Child THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD / Karin Taylor / This story is dedicated to / Parents like us and our / Dear friends, who grieve / The loss of … The bride and the sea The bride and the sea / unbridled by me / ’neath the sakura clouds / where the gulls used to be / caressing her face / the breeze pla… The Magpie’s Song I heard you / calling / just a little time ago / and i thought / what is that noise / it’s so sweet / I must find the owner / of t… yayauhqui sky May yields to June / warmish days grow frosty / cerulean skies pale to silver / stars flash diamond like in / the yayauhqui sky / lovers si… Judy or Alice am I more like Alice / who got curious and more / or perhaps I’m more like / Judy who brought Oz / to her front door / do I sound lik… Smile matryoshka Be brave matryoshka / march you strong between pylons / don’t covet the cufflinks too long / is your bodice too tight / don’t … sand in my shoes I walked for miles and smiles / along the sand dunes / just to arrive and thrive again / near those swirling deep waters / around the buri… polaroid green polaroid green / swirl of tide / swollen shifts / sounds you heard / I heard them too / and missed missed / missed the boat / alone i went… Fish n chips The fish / swallowed / a ship / which / turned / out to be / veree / unlucky / for he… / It turned / out to be / a floating / potato… Eskimo in a kimono The dark seemed warmer and kinder / I felt like an Eskimo in a kimono / rubbing noses in the desert / while the butterflies were pleasant /… Origami girl Origami girl / I’d like for you / to fold me a pearl / for wisdom / fashion a gondola / for my journey / create a paper heart / to w… Message in a bottle I got your message in a bottle / encrusted with salt / crystals glistening in brine / in time to the crustaceans’ rhyme / the mandol… The Little Dreamer unfortunately instead, she slapped two ants simultaneously in the head, knocking them senseless in the vortex Owl of my heart Sunflower’s seeding / while bristle brush slow / aloe is weeping / why, nobody knows…. / Heartwood has frozen / while sunbird i… Francine & Francesca -Francine and Francesca- / adored Casablanca / -fed on fish in Alaska- / became hippy backpackers / -exploring Australia- / they toured Sri… salt from the sea Salt from the sea / or paint for me / Salt from the sea / or paint for me / I’ll have them both / or three for tea / I’ll have … tamarind jelly and the sea / sang to me / one more / salty song / pepper me / with pebbles / now tumble along / tussling shoreward / stumbling north / sh… The Rainbow Warriors of Bubblegum Bay The Rainbow Warriors were fast becoming news in the wilds of Bubblegum Bay, seeking rainbows to bring home to the village of All Bright Co… KESWICK ISLAND introduction Chapter 1 – Beware Dutch Men in Big Hats / Chapter 2 – Flight of Fancy / Chapter 3 – The Arrival / Chapter 4 – Fea… KESWICK ISLAND – CHAPTER 1 – BEWARE D… Introduction / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6 / Chapter 7 / Chapter 8 – Shark Bait / KESWICK ISLAND / CH… KESWICK – CHAPTER 2 – FLIGHT OF FANCY KESWICK ISLAND / CHAPTER 2 / FLIGHT OF FANCY / Introduction – Keswick Island – The Famous Five / Chapter 1 – Beware Dutc… KESWICK ISLAND CHAPTER 3 – THE ARRIVAL KESWICK ISLAND / CHAPTER 3 / THE ARRIVAL / Introduction – Keswick Island – The Famous Five / Chapter 1 – Beware Dutch Me… KESWICK ISLAND – CHAPTER 4 – FEAST AN… KESWICK ISLAND / CHAPTER 4 / FEAST AND FAMINE / Introduction – Keswick Island – The Famous Five / Chapter 1 – Beware Dut… KESWICK ISLAND – CHAPTER 5 – CLAMS, T… KESWICK ISLAND / CHAPTER 5 / *CLAMS, TIDES & BARE HANDS / Introduction – Keswick Island – The Famous Five / Chapter 1 R… KESWICK ISLAND – CHAPTER 6 – DRIFTING… KESWICK ISLAND / CHAPTER 6 / DRIFTING & DROWNING / Introduction – Keswick Island – The Famous Five / Chapter 1 – Bew… KESWICK ISLAND – CHAPTER 7 – BLINDED!! KESWICK ISLAND / CHAPTER 7 / BLINDED! / Introduction – Keswick Island / Chapter 1 – Beware Dutch Men in Big Hats / Chapter 2 &… KESWICK ISLAND – CHAPTER 8 – SHARK BA… KESWICK ISLAND / CHAPTER 8 / SHARK BAIT! / Guesthouse on Keswick / Introduction – Keswick Island / Chapter 1 – Beware Dutch Men… lost and found In a room as dark as ink, I saw her peaky face / she was hiding in the corner, where the ink was yet to grace / I noticed she was holding,… lighthouse keepers soul I want to be a lighthouse keeper / and live far far away / so I can roam the hilltops / and befriend the breeze that plays / With gulls for… dirge in the salty water I passively bob, gently rocked to sleep / by the rythm of my breathing, a dirge plays in my heart / and sad thoughts are… love is not dependant on the ‘whether’ love is not dependant on the ‘whether’ / ‘whether’ you’re getting this or that / or ‘whether’ thi… a love poem the merry go round of your cherry heart love / gave me the strength to build up a wall / not a barrier, but a wall with steps and a view / … mixed colours spring and autumn breeze blows gently / to the tune of the sing-song cicadas’ fray / the percussion of crunching leaves sets a beat i… internal monologue ii – dark nights and the… image taken with my iPhone last night / internal monologue ii – dark nights and the soul of love’s light / some call it the bla… rhetorical theoretical the relief of rejection is perhaps finding itself relative to / or parallel with, the intensity of expression / and/or the innate ability o… internal monologue i – to make sense ….this is an unusual write, in that, it is purely the conversation/running internal monologue of ceaseless thought that forms in my … my jargon my jargon / my words are dislocated from me as they rise from my throat / syllables expressed through my ability to make sounds they float… hollow got to get to the stars tonight / just so i can breathe / breathe in everything in sight / the reflection belies the truth / and i can̵… enduring heart On tea tree lakes / unfurling green / a floating pasture waits / wing-ed creatures, fairylike / of friendliness partake / silver meadow mer… hit me up a whatever poem / candy stripes are adequate for circulatory systems / that like the certain elementary necessary fizziness / I myself pref… My Shark Encounter: A True Story by Karin Taylor The boat rocked gently side to side on a sea of black-green-blue, an overcast day with a slight swell, not much chop, just rock, rock, rock… The Pear Trap On a small insignificant leaf beside a fence so old it had transformed to stone, a drop of rain and then another, bounced, it’s visco… fairy sight One day, it was close to the first day of Spring I remember, Francesca was playing in and out of the shadows, she thought the shadows must … peace of mind My crushed cotton memories / are cloudier than spilt milk / with cereal puffs / snoozing on the floor / and / all of my transgressions /… flight of the sugar puff I cannot help / but be the me / I am / someone who likes / big jars / of raspberry jam / a little bit of yoghurt / and a smattering of glam… I Drank from the Clouds Listen to the audio recording by me here / Please check out my painting also called I Drank from the Clouds / I drank from the clouds / swa… the moodswing drowning in disappointment / longing for revelation / darkened by commitments / navigating aging / yawning every morning / missing early ho… the loving heart If I were a rose that was red in your garden / I’d perfume the sill on your window of life and / If I were the breeze I would blow oh… Long Forgotten Love Musky sort of scent from cardboard boxes that once got wet / Mingled with the hint of thyme from Sunday roasts we used to eat / Sunlight fi… The Magic Magenta Koi Sometimes in the quiet of the silvery night, when the sound of no noise is whiter than white, I have seen and have heard some mysterious si… full circle home that soulful sorta music soothes the pillars-of-pain away / of those daisy-come-darts in my heart, oh yeah… the new day smiles / my f… matching dresses, lollipops daisies in the wheelbarrow / sunshine’s getting thru the window / smoky swirls and golden curls / honey licks on salted lips / matchi… love can’t die apples turning brown with age / lovers love is ageless timeless / doesn’t suffocate under the weight / of judgements…and pain / it is relen… a portent message Karin Taylor this is a funny poem I penned, with a little positive message… it was inspired by a little drawing my son Ben did when h… a measure of treasure (Mature) The sun will shine Your hazy day sunshine smile / Makes me high in the summertime / Palms sway softly whispering rhymes / Easy breezes, easy times / Life̵… big red apples beauty never fades… / just gets more beautiful with age / it’s not what’s going on with you / it’s what’s goi… moneypenny tree the day lay still not breathing / moneypenny tree stood tall and strong against the blue / her rounded green leaves like little laced lily … fly high butterfly poem by Karin Taylor / fly high little butterfly / fly wide and far away / fly high little butterfly / to light up someone’s day / f… Him-He who knows it all on Sea of Foam and Dark Green Jade / Jetsam n Flotsam made their way / they set up camp on early morning shores / where seashells spoke an… through all those times and these ‘through all those times and these’ said Sycamore Tree to Bee / ‘the Moon helped guide your way, the Sun shone down on me, / the Sky wept o… braid my words the leaves are rolling / down the lea of the hill / the air is changing from / the soft warm of spring / to the cool hand of winters chill … gypsy heart around and around / as my thoughts expound / the universe keeps spinning / but my heart is grounded / and the compass spins / from south t… little wren The tiny wren he panicked, his wing a broken mess / The catapult had spoken, to my little feathered friend / He fell onto the ground, no cr… Frozen with Foresight inspired by ‘The Garden of Forking Paths’ by Jorge Luis Borges (which I haven’t actually read, but learned a little about… isms idealism, realism, skepticism, pragmatism, naturalism; isms may be used to describe a person’s belief system or view, system or filte… a ramble in the park I take a walk in the park of my mind / and venture here and there over the many crossings / the bridges I’ve broken / the walls I… occupied | non fiction | karin taylor We found this ramshackle old building once, my friend and I, it was down the lane way across from the Kingscliff beach, old, abandoned and …