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some early written works

poems, prose, written works, inklings

you’re there look out beyond the you that sees …. / the inescapable blue / the forever of grey weather / the serenity of sienna / and fly…. … empty bottles I looked at the bottle and it spoke, / “I am empty, please fill me” / Next, my thoughts went in a variety / of directions, but … Paper boat tears [Video] / Tomorrow when I wake / I am starting something new / I will make some paper boats / and ready them for you / .. / I want my tears… I drank from the clouds… Listen to the audio recording by me here / I drank from the clouds / swam in blue satin / flew from the sun to / the crystalline mountains … I shall quietly abide I shall quietly abide on a calm sea / And when the waters violently strike and gash the boat / I shall simply calm myself and thee / . .… Soft on my lips Season my life with Salt from the sea / add coconut cream and Thai curry leaf / the colours and warmth of spices abroad / the limes and the… R.I.P. iAN Draw me a heart / stained with carmine / enshrined in a garden / of cobalt green / paint the flowers / Egyptian blue / and Chinese purple … The New Planet by Ben Taylor (Age 11) The New Planet by Ben Taylor (Age 11) / My name is Trevor Johnson, I have achieved wondrous things in my life as an Astronomer and ‘Hungry … The Circle of Life by Sarah Taylor (16 yrs) I often find myself gazing out my window, oblivious to my surroundings, watching the crystal clear water roll up the sand, it’s what … No Place Like Home – The Dream Language of … ’There’s no place like home.’ / ‘If I only had a heart, a brain, some courage’. / Do these phrases bear any s… dedication wide open sky / a la seconde arms / love’s embrace / I want, want / what you want / I go, go / where you go / I live / live love you… tree of life I stood tall while all else diminished / I knew not how to run away / Nor did my soul understand composure / or compulsion, I stood without… for Jill with gentleness I resurrect your face of porcelain / with numbness I restrain my eyes from weeping / with heartbrokenness I say goodbye / … These Three Trees These three trees they stand as one / united by the earth and sun / Speak not to us, of what they’ve seen / Nor do we know, how long it’s b… Golden Tortoise Beetle There once was a beetle, I didn’t yet know / he named himself Golden, not Gordon or Snow / He was, so some said, a tortoise disguis… The sun was shining The sun was shining / I rose and wept / the earth was turning / I lay down and slept / the fire was burning / I took inventory and swept / … a short fairy story Fairy Dress photograph by Karin (taken 16/9/12 early Spring) / … / One day, it was close to the first day of Spring I remember, Franc… on tenderness …when you pack to go anywhere, remember to also take a loving heart with you – karin taylor some childhood memories Along the old back road out of town / Where the great goannas scowled and prowled / We noticed things, like trees and bees / Stopping to se… Receiver of Light I’ve also made an audio recording by Karin Taylor accompanied by son Ben Taylor on piano / Bound by Ropes Lashed To Her Legs / She gr… on being Shafts of light streamed through the curtains of red, stained the colour of rust with time, she bathed a while in the warmth and thought t… a cinderella story she sings in the silence while sweat stings her eyes / her cheeks glisten pinkly a ruddy disguise / stokes embers while coughing on putrri… G’morning That delicious first moment upon waking, caught between the weightlessness of subconsious dreaming and realities of consciousness on waking… G’nite The anticipation of that moment when we rest our heads on our pillows, when no-one else is watching, we can curl up or stretch out in that … The Daydreamer’s Journey I’m going on a journey like Lisa did / across the sea and over mountains to a place so far away / the clouds are made of lacework and… how would it feel to fly how would it feel to fly / I imagine flying feels much like dying / you are leaving earthbound things behind / I imagine flying feels like … the whale’s heart I’ll swim through his veins to the centre of the universe / Where everything is paid for and nothing but free / Cos the whale’s… the canvas bride I am looking thru the window at a figure and a shadow / at shapes moving a foot or two in front of a flaming hearth / I notice there an eas… fallow sky I miss you moon and sleep I will / as stardust coats my lids with shell / I breathe in deep the apple dust / as Robin sings her songs robus… desire … heal and be healed, to love and be loved, to accept and be accepted…these are my desires. I preferred to dance matchsticks sometimes burn our little fingers / but mine were all black anyway / arranged this way and that / in careful repetition / unde… Elephants Only I squinted, peering hard at the sign with the scrawling letters just above the front door of the shop, it said “Elephants Only”… funny freckles and frizzy hair funny freckles and frizzy hair / passengers admiring stares / a pretty little turned up nose / pink paint on fingertips and toes / morning … I came undone She pulled me undone / With the flick of her tongue / I fell apart / Struck blind and dumb / My knees went weak / I could not speak / My h… sad eyes Perhaps it’s the chill / of winter in the air / But it isn’t winter / everywhere / Or maybe it’s / that time of year / Wh… I Believe in You The old attic, though in semi darkness / Was warm and welcoming in the Spring / A place of trash and treasure, it was full of kindling / O… Life’s Little Adventurers work in progress – “Life’s Little Adventurers” / Let’s launch the boat on the high tide, / we’ll fly an… Kathy the dolphin Dear Kathy, / All the grief in the world won’t bring you back / I wipe my salty tears and think of your sleek grey form / carving thr… her grace, his strength On the back of her hand, scribbled notes, faded and merging letters, left him little clue…insightful as he was, his intuition failed.… and the tide came rolling in …and the incoming tide speaks in whispers of times past / of times to come, of the universe and the shell dwellers / and of all the m… less is the key I sent up a smoke signal not a smokescreen / and you know the white horses they came running / I like Humpty had fallen down, hit my crown … humility All the flowers turned their heads toward the golden sun and stared, saying not a word, there was such a hush over the garden, even the li… sowing seeds and sifting souls your song soothes my soul / it is the honey that runs smooth as silken sails / over all my grazes, bumps and bruises / your song, it soothe… the grave the stones so cold and grey and round / so unforgiving / it’s tempting to throw them into the river / and disturb the flow of the gen… she smiled like an angel We crossed over the canyon of despair / and I looked directly into the eye of a daisy / who spoke to me with a soulful song / it sang in ti… closed doors Whenever a door is closed to you, forget the idea that it was not meant to be, but instead think…..perhaps whatever is behind that do… i am content someone said to me / you are a treasure / I said no, you are gold / and I am a diamond in the rough / they said to me still, / you are a ro… love is the axis on which i swing I peered beyond the darkness / and into the eyes of the night sky / those starry lights spoke of heights / dizzy and unkown and I realised … death makes way for new life I saw a sign from the west wind / churning up the waters on the lake of resistance / unfurling it’s frenzied wild side / while park b… aloe of your love close your eyes and let the dust settle / tiny threads of light tickle my nose / and excite my lungs / the pungent smell of crushed debri /… Lament by Ben Taylor (my son) I stood at attention, like the good little soldier I was – hands down by my side, eyes 15 degrees above the horizon, feet 45 degrees … the contradiction I am a contradiction / today so brave and fearless / tomorrow shy and grave / I flutter by the window / with my purple dress displayed / I … tangalooma wild blue wonderland / where sky and ocean meet / no urgency beyond the tide / moon all lunar and starry eyed / my light and guide / dolphi… …that was Breeze On a day much like any other, tiny Breeze slipped on her petticoats of tulle and lace, all pink with pretty. Her face coloured high, as sh… the poppies were perfect royal red you said The poppies were perfect royal red you said / like the lovehearts hanging in your room / they bloomed and swooned in the midday breezes / T… scrap metal I dreamt a dream of mazes, scrap metal folklore, turned out to be a sign of misery not luxury. Felt the heat scorch upon my arm as it bru… the unlucky mariner i tried to sew a song into a garment but the fabric resisted every attempt, being too plaid, it’s stubborness defeated me at every tu… ponderance For a day and a day I sat waiting, wondering whether to shake the palm or sit beneath it quietly, I chose the latter, not wishing to distur… morning meditation there is more to life than seeing, / there is hearing, feeling, sensing, touching, being; / seeing is but one way, sensing is another / tho… ….and to love Part 1 General Musing / Where does something begin and end or is life just an endless flow and ebb of things, of thoughts, of actions, reac…