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‘I hope my paintings take you on little journeys outside the normal everyday sphere of living, into dreamworlds and other realms where imagination can flow unhindered by the troubles and worries and stress…to touch a heart, to spin a dream, to share a thought, a love, a special memory.. these are the things that make life meaningful, it is my hope that my characters reach out and make a special connection with those viewing.’ Karin Taylor, Australian Artist.

Perhaps the greatest joy of all in life is ‘discovery’. The realisation that one does not know everything, in my particular case, the realisation of how little I know, as I gaze at the stars, the moon, the ocean and all the little things in the natural world, it occurs to me that we are all inventors, explorers, healers and composers. We do not need to be learned or intellectual to perform, to invent, to explore, to heal, to compose…no, simply open to wonder, open to enchantment, open to all there is to learn each day. – Karin Taylor 11/3/14

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Cianna Rose writes ‘Dear Karin, I adore your work! I love spending time looking through your gallery, there is always so much to see. The whimsy, color, pattern, subject and emotion you bring to your work has never left me anything but purely delighted. Modern in many ways, there is also a scrumptious retro quality in your creations and the way you do eyes….well, one could fall happily into those puppies for quite some time.’

The beautiful comment above was made by Rita Nieto in Spanish on my FB fan page 30 June 2013

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Happiest Moment Day 3

Part of my daily practice is to observe my happiest moment from each day, today it was walking in through the front door, after an evening out. I so love how the little things, are what make me the happiest. So often, I think…if only I had this (big monumental thing) I would be so much happier, however, each day I seem to find a wonderfully happy moment, despite not having everything I al…
Posted about 1 month – 2 comments

Happiest Moment Day 2

It has become my daily practice to choose a moment in each day that was my happiest and record it both here and on FB (and on a note in a jar here at home, so that I can contemplate my happiest moments on NYE as a way of growing in gratitude and positivity). Here’s my happiest moment for today: / Happiest Moment Day 2: Today, I spent a minute looking over the macro iphone photos of insects…
Posted about 1 month – 16 comments

Happiest Moment #1

Happiest Moment #1: Well, I’ve been feeling a bit low lately, so this morning I was reading an article about the woman who wrote Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert) and she keeps jars with “her happiest moment of each day” in them. So, thought I’d do the same and share them each day here and on FB. I already have a jar for our family’s achievements, which we bring ou…
Posted about 1 month – 13 comments

Karin Taylor Photography

Aloha, I’ve been on holidays at home for a couple of weeks and during that time, I’ve been really excited to be out at the beach and in nature taking lots of macro shots of things I come across in my travels. / Some as you can see below, are shots taken at the beach, the big one there, is a tiny hermit crab! The other things are very very small too (peacock feather, Australian uncu…
Posted 3 months – 3 comments