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Welcome to my art portfolio, art tips, poetry and print shop!
My name is Karin but I prefer Cass or Cassidy.

To touch a heart, to spin a dream, to share a thought, a love, a special memory, these are the things that make life meaningful.

I create nostalgic designs to give a sense of harmony. May Gibbs, Holly Hobbie and Margaret Keane are strong influences from childhood.


As a child I loved illustrations I found comforting, that took me on imaginary journeys (Arabian Knights and Rudyard Kipling’s Just So stories) and with that in mind, it is my intention to create art that has a similar effect on children. Even as an adult, I am still in awe of natural world. I value beauty of simplicity and admire the innocence of childhood. I hope my work brings light and helps impart greater perspective.


I’ve always been deeply reflective and think this feeds through to my art, my creative process has long been thought about before the creation takes place.

My paintings appear at times simplistic, but come about through lots of processing, combining things I’ve seen and heard, stories and images. I weed out the unecessary and include what I feel are the most important aspects, stylising my work as I go.


As we live in a timepoor world, my intention is to relieve tension and support a restive transcendent moment where peace is found. Temporary breaks in mindful moments, allow for a rest in the mind’s relentless patterns of thought, a gentle restart. I believe in mindfulness, meditation and exercise for whole body mind balance.


Themes that run through my work are many, including friendship, love, tolerance, beauty, nature, meditation, mindfulness, symbolism, Australian landscape (coastal and outback), melancholia, peace, transcendence, happiness, motherhood, lately my fascination with unusual animal friends has taken prominence.


My favourite thing to do (besides painting) is taking beach walks during which, much inspiration and perspective are found. I know no other greater enchantment than the sea.


Nature is my inspiration and the ocean my muse. I am self taught and also an enthusiastic iPhone Macro Photographer which informs my painting and poet


Recently to my great surprise, I learned I am a descendent of two very famous artists, John Constable and John Milton.


My dream would be to live in a lighthouse on a remote mountain, leading a simple life, with my best friend, goats and gulls, a backyard full of wildlife and nature. The ocean would be my front yard. Perfect bliss.

Major Influences

60’s and 70’s Traditional costume Tang and other Dynasties Indigenous peoples Society and culture Human Stories Behavioural Psychology Philosophical Thought Art Deco Art Nouveau History Vintage Poster art Vintage Toys Vintage clothes Antiques Ceramics Round forms The Australian Bush Vast expanses of water Flowing lines Tranquility Mindfulness Meditation Nature Philosophy Spirituality Poetry Music (folk, indie) Tattoo Art Contemporary Art Abstract Art Pop Surrealism Portraiture Realism


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Behind the Scenes

Hi, if you’d like to see an extremely short behind-the-scenes slideshow created with the assistance of my daughter Sarah, demonstrating how I take my macro iPhone olloclip photos, using a baby praying mantis as the subject, you are in luck, just click here / Other Links* / Karin Taylor | Website & Blog / Karin Taylor | Art Portfolio Prints / Karin Taylor | Owls / Karin Taylor | Elephant…
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New Drawings

New drawings I’m working on, soon to be painted and uploaded as prints. / 1. For you with Love / 2. The Whale and the Octopus / 3. Two Birds and a Butterfly / 4. Bird and Snail / Other Links / Karin Taylor | Website & Blog / Karin Taylor | Art Portfolio Prints / Karin Taylor | Owls / Karin Taylor | Elephants / Karin Taylor Art | Facebook / Karin Taylor Photography | Instagram / Karin Ta…
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Ella Rose with my Fox and Owl Scarves

My beautiful great niece Ella Rose, interacting with the foxes and owls on two of my scarves Little Foxes and Fox and Owl It touched my heart to see this dear little one engaged with my creations. Photo Credit: Ashleigh her Mumma, who is my beautiful niece. Thank you so much Ashleigh for getting these wonderful photos and allowing me to share! :) xxx Scarves and other printed products available…
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The Letters

I have become interested in the work of Navin Rawanchaikul from Thailand. I read about him and he creates massive artwork that is poster like, with selfie images. I was told he is the most egocentric artist, he even writes letters to himself. So, because I doubted the legitimacy of his egocentricity, I decided to read one of his letters. I put to rest the idea of his egocentricity immediately,…
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