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Hi! My name is Karen Tregoning and I live in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. I have been passionate about photos and photography for as long as I can remember. Over the years I have had many cameras and taken thousands of photos, but like many of us amateur photographers, I still have a lot to learn. Thanks to a very inspirational friend, whose work I admire greatly, my love for photography has been rekindled this year, and I have made it a priority to join a club, spend more time taking photos and trying to continually improve my images. I joined this site in 2010 so that I could regularly look at the photos featured by this friend, and now I have found that a fellow camera club member is also a regular contributor to Red Bubble. So thanks to Paula and Karen – I thought it was about time I got more involved and perhaps put a few of my own photos on for others to enjoy as well. Thanks for looking at my photos, and I hope that you find something you like.

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Northern California Style – February 2012.
The Best of Anything and Everything – 1 March 2014.
No 1 Favourites – 8 March 2014.


  • Joined: September 2010