My name is Karen. My husband Sam and I live on the Oregon Coast and run a sign shop together. He is a lifelong artist. I love to write and am currently writing a memoir. It will be ongoing.

I am learning a lot about how to communicate. It’s not an easy task but I think we all need to do it and be willing to grow and change with each new day. It’s not a simple thing to keep going sometimes but our choices are that we are either here, or we’re not and if we’re not, who do we hurt out of our own desperation?

I also take lots of pictures. I love trees and plants, herbs and their flowers. I sometimes wonder what it feels like to be in their “skin.”

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Sam's almost done!

Today’s finally the day. After two whole weeks, the mural is on it’s last day. It looks so amazing. He finally let me help him yesterday and today and I’m going back to finish it up with him. People come around all the time taking pictures and documenting it which has been cool and one man asked Sam if he would mind if he made a web site for him. Of course not! Everyone has been…
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Just Lying Around

This guy is such a slacker! He’s barely accomplished anything!
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Mural in Progress

Here is Sam’s hard work on the job. Yesterday was day 5. He has about 3 long days left.
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Life By Nature

Life, by nature, expands and retreats. It creates and destroys. It gives and it takes. / And what is death? Its a word we use that explains absolutely nothing, for we can only know it from life and cannot experience its truth from where we stand, dripping with grief and fear and hollowness, darkness and loneliness. / Can we be swimming in the ocean and experience standing on the top of a mountain…
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