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Busy as of late and inspiration just hasn’t been there. Hopefully when there’s a break there will be a chance to upload something great.
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Too Long

It has been far too long since I updated. Life has been crazy. Between the end of the semester and all of the insane papers and projects and presentations it brings, as well as work picking up now that summer is here, there hasn’t been much time for art. I did manage to squeeze in a couple of actual photo shoots though. Being fairly new to photography of the non “point and shoot&#…
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To be honest, I was really shocked to find that “Happy Flowers and Hummingbird” actually is featured in the group I LOVE BIRDS!. / This is the first featured work ever, so I’m really grateful and just plain happy. =)
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Yeah so apparently this month is drama month. Which means that less work is getting done. :’( / Not much to really say except that maybe all this drama will lead up to some awesome artwork. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that.
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