This is the art of Skot “kangarookid” Johnson. In here you will find the creations and designs that lurk within his mind and dreams. Drawing since he could hold a pencil, art is Skot’s greatest passion.

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superheroes unite!!

after watching the most epically awesome movie, kick@$$, has decided he wants to be a superhero… he has PLENTY of his own designs to choose from… / … of course, my current profile pic is somewhat villainous… but i’ve been thinking for the past month, that maybe i want to go as something NOT scary this halloween… now, i just need to get some heavy spandex or som…
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just wanted to say sorry for the late replies everybody! life has been hectically hectic lately =/… work, finances, long hours, and not enough sleep… this is my catch-up weekend! i really appreciate all the support, comments, and views… it means a lot!
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sticker madness!!!!

my coolest stickerized!! / fire elemental: / water elemental: / h’rok: / goblin king: / black widows- foot soldier: / getic: / skull boy 4: / mr. gorby: / zombie pirate vs. zombie ninja: / balloon ride: / … and finally, but certainly not leastly, kangarookid (me!!): / … and that should do it :D!
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i'm back(ish)!!

so yeah… after fighting the sicklies for the past month or so, i finally (sorta) have the energy to start being creative again :)… it was a long, tiresome road, wrought with uglies and sicklies and drainages, but i’m back!
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