The cost of not pursuing a dream is greater than the cost of failure.

All’s Well That Ends Well
I have been in and out of RedBubble since I had spinal surgery.
Now that I’m back. And what a lot of support you’ve shown me! I wanted to thank you for all of you for being such generous hearted people.

So here something I’d like to share with you:

The cost of not pursuing a dream is greater than the cost of failure.

About living out your calling as at artist. Someone asked, “How does she do it?”
To which another replied, “The more difficult question is, how did she not do it all these years?”

How is it that you have spent all this time, dodging your dreams?
Or letting fear hold you back from living an adventurous, creative life?

Are you afraid?
Not of failure.
Of being who you really are? Of being exposed?
You are not alone.
It’s scary to be yourself. To be that raw and honest and vulnerable. That’s why most choose to hide.

Today, I choose my dreams.

Today, I am a artist
Today, I face the dragon of self-doubt and step into destiny.
I will be myself.

And tomorrow, I will have to do it all over again.

What about you? What are you afraid of? What’s keeping you from your art?


  • Alga Washington
    Alga Washingtonover 2 years ago

    Yes! Well said. Though I’m disappointed I put art on the back burner for so long, I am so happy it is now my priority.

  • Yes, it is easy to put it further down on our priority list sometimes. Thanks for writing.

    – Kanchan Mahon

  • Shyll
    Shyllover 2 years ago

    Lovely lady I do hope you’re recovery is going well. As coincidence would have it I recently purchased a book by Julia Cameron “The Artist’s Way” A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity—- which delivers a very similar message as you just stated. I believe some were born to create and if we’re deprived of this it is very detrimental to our well being. Thank you for sharing your thoughts they are inspirational as are you. :-)

  • I am getting better fast, thank you for your hope. I have heard of the book , sounds like grab it and spend some time between it’s covers!

    Thank you so very much for you’re compliments!

    – Kanchan Mahon

  • Karen Gingell
    Karen Gingellover 2 years ago

    you have hit it right on the head – your words are true. I hope you are ok after your surgery – my thoughts are with you, take care of yourself

  • Karen! You are just about the nicest and thoughtful person. Spine healing as per schedule which is odd because I’m never on time!

    – Kanchan Mahon

  • © Hannah Ellie
    © Hannah Ellieover 2 years ago

    Thank you for your words. A speedy full recovery to you.

  • Thank you Hannah, that’s very kind of you.

    – Kanchan Mahon

  • RobynLee
    RobynLeeabout 2 years ago

    V. Inspiring Words,Kanchan! Hope you’re recovering well from your surgery:-)

  • Thank you Robyn, I appreciate your good wishes.

    – Kanchan Mahon