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Norbert Probst, Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany.
Passion: Photographer/Writer


Worldwide copyrights of all photographs are hold by the photographer Norbert Probst.
All rights reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images (even in parts) without written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.

Digital photos are taken with with Canon full format SLR cameras up to EOS 5D MK II only. Analog photos are scanned with Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED.
All Images are worked out fine, with professional knowledge, in highest quality, and optimized in density, colors, contrast and sharpness.

Life career:
In 1970 I found out, that a camera is a fascinating tool. A long dream became reality in 1977, my beginning of scuba diving. In 1980 I’ve got my first underwater camera, a Nikonos IV-A, and a hobby turned into passion. My success in many photo-competitions across Europe, attention attracted slide shows and a cooperation with Helmut Debelius (IKAN, Slide Stock) in Frankfurt , showed me the way into professional uw-photography with soon following publications in diving-, aquarium- and photo magazines.
In 1982 my first story with text and pictures was printed. In 1983 I published the first cover photo on TEAM TAUCHEN, a diving magazine. One year later I started the editorial work with the same magazine. In 1987 my cooperation with UWF magazine (Underwater Photography) began.
In 1995 UWF turned into unterwasser, (en: underwater) a monthly diving magazine in highest quality.
Today I am working for Germany’s two big diving magazines unterwasser (en: underwater) and tauchen (en: diving).
As photographer and writer I wrote a large number of reports and did photo jobs around diving and the wonders of the sea. Together with my wife and uw-model Johanna Beloch, there is a successful team, traveling around the world.

on many magazines like Geo, Stern, Merian, Kosmos, Maxi, Mens Health, Sports, Fit for Fun, Readers Digest, Le Figaro Magazine, Scuba Diving Magazin, Asian Diver, Globo, Abenteuer&Reisen etc., many books-, prospect-, calendar-, poster-, picture postcard-, CD- and catalogue productions in Germany, many foreign countries, as well as on products, like glasses, bags and cloth, also for tattoos.
My photos are distributed with a large number of worldwide picture stocks.

Until today I’ve published 76 cover photos and numerous articles.

Presence in two German TV-Shows.

  • Joined: September 2009