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A Princess with a heart of Gold

A princess with a heart of Gold

Once upon a time….

There was a princess with a heart of gold

We’re the words ‘I love you’, where rely told

She was a princess but could not see

So this is a letter from her maker with this plea…

Your no accident, I planned you before your time

There is no mountain big enough where for you I wouldn’t climb

You’re the reason I stay awake at night

And I spread my arms and died for you without a fight

You’re the type of woman any man should die for

Not the kind of girl who should be pushed out the door

You bring me so much joy and I am glad to say

Everything you have asked for is coming closer by the day

I can see your heart and it breaks mine too

So I am giving you new strength to get through…

All the trials that this life has to bring

Don’t be discouraged; I am here for you to cling

I will never leave you, and promise to stay

I have never left you at the end of the day

I made a promise that day on the cross

If someone couldn’t appreciate you it would be there loss

Stop taking yourself for granted and open your eyes to see

You’re my finest creation and are more than the world to me

You are a princess, a daughter of the king

So stand up tall and get ready for what I am about to bring

So much peace, love and joy

The type no man can destroy

Stay close to me and I will open your eyes

And broaden your horizon to reach other skies

Dani, I love you so easy and effortless

I do it with pleasure and sincerely you are so precious

You are my daughter, my gem and my life

And your life from this day will be free from strife

I will hold you and carry you in the palm of my hand

Until you are strong enough and then together we will stand

Arm in arm and our two hearts as one

Cause at the end of the day your not a prize someone has one

You are a princess with a heart of gold

So much to offer yet so much more to unfold…


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  • Jeff  Burns
  • Susie Kallis