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Sweet Farewell

Sweet Farewell

She sighed softly, her head upon his chest
He looked down at her with concern
“What’s wrong?” he whispered in her ear
She felt her eyes sting and burn
“I’ll miss you when you’re gone,” she said
Her voice filled with soft despair
He held her close in his arms
Both knew it would not keep him there
She slowly looked up into his eyes
He gently took her chin and kissed her
His tenderness spoke louder than words
A slow kind of loving torture
They clung together as though it would stop
The future from proceeding
This depth of touch was all they had
To stop their hearts from bleeding
She listened to his heartbeat
And they hastened, both, to sleep
Their hearts and souls together
Forever they would keep

not too sure about the title for this. apparently it doesn’t really suit the piece. any thoughts???

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