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Sold Mug

Thank you to the buyer of a Mug of Brodgar. I love my mugs and have quite a collection, they are dishwasher proof and have a good capacity and hold heat well


Please to hear from Andrew from RB that the problem with the stickers and disable button has been fixed, just tried it out and yes it is fixed.
Stickers still need to be in PNG – however, we can now go into our photos in edit and remove the stickers if wanted and make any other edits.
This was quick resolution from RB which is welcomed.
Pity about not being able to use stickers in jpeg, but well (shrug) that’s the breaks I suppose.

So Tired of RB Changes

This is getting beyond a joke !

I am receiving a message to say that I cannot make changes in edit to my photos as the stickers need to be in PNG format

If that is not bad enough, I have tried to disable the said saved stickers

Message says it could not be saved because of sticker in PNG format – EVEN THOUGH I HIT THE DISABLE BUTTON


Wins, Top Ten and Features for October 2015

October has produced 77 features in groups, 1 win and 10 top tens.

Thank you to hosts for the features and members for the votes – your support is very much appreciated and is of great encouragement to me.

60 and Beyond Group ; 1000+ Group ; A Place to Start Group ; A Wilderness Somewhere Group ; Amazing Challenge Entertainment Group ; Architectural Photography Group ; As-Is Photography ; Australia at Large Group ; Australian Native Plants Group ;“Banksia Bunch Group”: http://www.redbubble.com/groups/the-protacea-fa... ; Beach Treasures Group ; Best of British Group ; Blooms all Seasons Group ; Close-ups in Nature Group ; Country Bumpkin Group ; Country Victoria Group ; Down by the Sea Group “Enchanted Flowers Group”: http://www.redbubble.com/